Wolfgang Heine

Wolfgang Heine


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85 € / session

Wolfgang Heine

Analyst in Berlin

All the potential disturbances facing us today – including relationship issues, loss of meaning and purpose, depressions and fears – can be seen as an creative instrument of the psyche to re-establish the lost balance.

Hobrechtstraße 66 12047 Berlin Hobrechtstraße 66 12047 Berlin

About Wolfgang

I have over 10 years' experience with clients from many different backgrounds, helping them to work through matters such as their life crises, depression, and loss of meaning. Further, I also share my skills with my clients in areas like conflict management and career development. I know from personal experience the power of therapeutic analysis, and I hope to share the benefits of a deeper understanding with my clients.

My personal background is varied, so I can connect with many varied experiences. I grew up in a small town in the middle of Germany. After high school and military service, I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant and then studied political economy in Heidelberg. I then worked several years as a sales manager in the paper industry. A job change provided me with an opportunity to fail, resulting in an experience with the dark side of my soul. While in intensive therapy, I began to understand the deeper needs of my inner world. A forgotten part of my personality encouraged me to change my life.

I soon became an artist and began to study Jungian Psychology in Zürich in 2004. After graduating in 2011, I intensified my work at a Berlin-based clinic where I had worked earlier for four years to fulfil the requirements for the practical part of my analytical training.

My Approach

How can we achieve an attitude to our difficulties and disturbances that enables us to develop a more constructive way of thinking and feeling again? In most cases, crises want to initiate a change, because the previous life plan, the long-standing relationship with oneself and others, reaches limits that make adaptation necessary. In my work I would like to help my clients to understand the logic of their inner and external dynamics, in which they are trapped, and help them to build new structures that enable the initiation of the transformation process.

As a Jungian-trained analyst, I acknowledge the wisdom of our unconscious, which, despite all the difficulties it can confront us with, always strives for a fulfilled, meaningful and satisfying way of life. I see it as the task of the therapeutic process to recognize and remove the inner and outer hindrances that prevent my clients from living a more conflict-free and more fulfilling life.

Qualifications And Experience



* Master in Psychotherapy Science, University of Krems (Austria)
* Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the ISAP, Zürich (Switzerland)
* Degree in industrial management
* Degree in political economics from the University of Heidelberg, Max-Weber-Institute (Germany)


* 10 years practical empirical knowledge working at a clinic with in-patients for depressions, anxieties, addictions, compulsions, life crises, conflicts within a relationship, long-term therapies, Jüdisches Krankenhaus, Berlin
* Experience working as a senior manager, European brand manager, in marketing, sales and human resource development
* Experience in the art market, exhibitions, marketing


English, German


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