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100 € / session


MSc Psychologist in Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based Psychologist, founder of Untypical Minds, using a narrative approach to alleviate symptoms of mental distress, through understanding, acceptance and discovery of the unique gems hidden in each of us.

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About Natasha

I have a MSc in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen, and have been working with people for the last 10 years, in various coaching, development and leadership positions. Besides my Psychology degree I also have a Bachelors in Management, a coaching certification and have completed the full Mastery Program with Tony Robbins.
I founded my own psychological practice in 2021 and have since worked full time with clinical psychology, using a primarily narrative approach, and specializing in helping people with various relational complications.

My Approach

Narrative Psychology in brief, is about the stories we tell ourselves, and the effect they have on our lives. Through understanding and compassion for the way we've been describing our lives so far, it is possible to look at that description, and evaluate whether it is serving us or not.
In our sessions, together we will create the most empowering story for your life, that will provide you with a foundation of solid psychological resilience, and help you navigate through the world feeling more mentally and emotionally grounded.

Qualifications And Experience


2018-2020: MSc in Psychology at the University of Copenhagen
2015-2018: BA in Psychology at the University of Copenhagen
2014: NLP Coach
2014: Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy
2013-2014: Anthony Robbins Mastery University
2007-2011: BA in Management at the University of Novi Sad


2021: Owner, Founder and Psychologist at Untypical Minds
2016-2020: Various full-time managerial positions, as Head of Departments and Country Manager
2013-2015: Coach and lecturer in Personal Development and NLP
2011-2013: Various full-time positions within team leadership


Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, English, Serbian


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