Mara Chow

Mara Chow

CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

90 € / session

110 € / Couple Session

110 € / Family Session

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90 € / session

Mara Chow

CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Hamburg

My goal is to provide you an emotional safe space. To support and encourage your emotional growth, I'd like to empower you to increase healthy coping and positive communication skills.
Languages spoken: 🇺🇸 🇩🇪

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About Mara

Hello! My name is Mara Chow. I'm originally from Germany and offer online counseling/ coaching sessions in English and German. For the past 20 years, I lived in Los Angeles, CA, where I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and worked with children, teens, adults, couples, families, and groups from a variety of backgrounds on issues ranging from PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues, disruptive disorders, and interpersonal relationship issues. Along with my professional training, my own experiences of having navigated life as an expat, my values to respect and embrace diversity, empower the individual and inspire people to create a healthy living environment that encourages emotional growth and balanced living, demonstrate the combination of professional and personal qualities that I contribute to my sessions. To find out more about me, please visit my website:

My Approach

Working trauma and attachment informed, I feel strongly about utilizing a systems approach to strengthen interpersonal relationships and increase understanding of symptoms and behaviors as impacted by and embedded in their social context. I believe that each individual and system has a unique set of strengths, resources, and abilities, which I like to help nurture and focus on to support coping with difficult feelings, life circumstances, encourage problem solving, and promote mental health and well-being.

Qualifications And Experience


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # 111208

06/2010 – 12/2014
Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Los Angeles, CA
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy Summa Cum Laude (12.12.2014)

02/2010 – 05/2010
Department of Mental Health America of Los Angeles, Jump Start Mental Health Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA
Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist (14.05.2010)

06/2006 – 06/2008
University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Studies Summa Cum Laude (13.06.2008)

06/2004 – 06/2006
Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA
Transfer Education (10.06.2006)

10/2001 – 06/2004
Theatre of Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Advanced Acting Degree (02.06.2004)

1990 – 2000
Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium, Münster
Abitur (06.07.2000)


Jan. 2019 – Jul. 20
Wellnest/Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic – Community Mental Health Services; Los Angeles, CA

• Developed and implemented a specialized child/parent group concept for children with disruptive disorders to increase co-and self- regulating and social skills and decrease disruptive behaviors across functional domains
• Expanded upon and co-facilitated a substance abuse group for teenagers and their families to provide early intervention, treatment, and management of substance use disorders
• Collaborated with school staff, special education teachers, parents/ caregivers, and medical doctors to address clients‘ behaviors in their multi-layered relationships and environments to help correct ineffective system elements and strengthen protective ones
• Provided online and phone therapeutic services, including crisis assessments and interventions to children and teenagers as well as family systems to increase accessibility of mental health services during COVID-19

May 2015 – Jan. 2019
Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic – Community Mental Health Services; Los Angeles, CA

• Completed intakes, assessments, treatment plans, and discharge planning collaboratively with clients to ensure a strength-based, resource-orientated, and culturally sensitive treatment approach
• Provided evidenced-based and trauma informed therapy services to children, young adults, families, and groups to assist clients with gaining insight for ways to manage their mental health barriers
• Worked collaboratively with professionals from multiple disciplines to provide client-centered care and ensure treatment consistency
• Maintained a caseload of 28-30 individual clients providing weekly treatment sessions in the community, at schools, in the homes, and at the clinic

Sep. 2013 – Dec. 2014
Counseling Partners of Los Angeles – School-Based Counseling Services; Los Angeles, CA

• Provided quality, strength based mental health services to elementary school children ages 3 – 14 to enhance their coping with trauma, life transitions, and interpersonal difficulties and increase emotional and personal safety
• Implemented individualized treatment plans and interventions to address mental, emotional, and family disorders and dysfunction to help children achieve success at school and in the community by cultivating healthier coping skills
• Collaborated with teachers and school psychologists to form an engaging multidisciplinary team to reduce students’ symptomatic behavior and increase independent functioning and self-reliance
• Utilized family-focused service techniques to strengthen and empower family relationships by fostering hope, wellness, and resiliency and increase consistency between classroom and home

Jul. 2012 – Jul. 2013
Didi Hirsch – Community Mental Health Services; Los Angeles, CA

• Conducted intensive short term counseling in a crisis residential setting along with group counseling for adults with co- occurring disorders to foster self-efficacy, self-reliance and enhance individual’s responsibility, accountability, and independence
• Provided psycho-education and increased insight into maladaptive coping mechanisms to teach adaptive coping skills, life management skills, and social skills
• Collaborated with psychiatrist, therapists, and residence nurse to form an engaging multidisciplinary team to ensure treatment consistency
• Advocated for aftercare services and linked clients with appropriate community programs, support services, psychiatrists, financial support, employment services, housing, and medical services based on individual needs

May 2010 – Jul. 2012
Didi Hirsch – Community Mental Health Services; Los Angeles, CA

• Performed initial interviews and assessments of patients’ medical and psychiatric reports to determine mental health
needs and establish care requirements
• Assessed and monitored client daily activity schedule, prepared and submitted client participation report to program
director and counseling staff to ensure compliance with agency policies and county regulations
• Advocated and collaborated with psychiatrists and clinical supervisors to ensure effective and least restrictive
treatment planning necessary
• Ensured prompt psychiatric care and efficient management of emergencies by providing crisis intervention and
conflict resolution

Jan. 2009 – May 2010
LA2DAY – Online Lifestyle Magazine; Brentwood, CA

• Expanded client base through the strategic development of refining the market position and increased advertising revenue
by 37% through attack marketing strategies, and on - and offline branding
• Raised unique readership from 60,000 to 100,000 a month through carefully designed changes in art design and
introduction of SEO-content
• Managed, hired, and recruited 60-person staff of editors, writers, reporters, artistic freelancers, and translators to
meet production expectations within budget
• Created affiliate magazine platforms and assisted CEO in operational management

Jun. 2008 – Feb. 2009
OCM – Content Development for Websites; West Hollywood, CA

• Facilitated the development of new project initiatives and concepts and promoted and created advertising campaigns
• Conducted research and created reports on clients, sub-contractors, and sales affiliates
• Evaluated the general market to assist in refining the market position of the company
• Coordinated the strategic execution of marketing campaigns


English, German


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