Gaetan Matel

Gaetan Matel

Mental Health Counselor

50 € / session

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

50 € / session

Gaetan Matel

Mental Health Counselor in Heidelberg

My work is based on empathy, acceptance and understanding. I adjust myself to my clients and support them by offering a space in which they can process and be empowered.
I speak English, French and German fluently

  69120 Heidelberg   69120 Heidelberg

About Gaetan

I have been trained in psychology (bachelor) and dance movement therapy (Master). I also spent some years studying medicine and biology.
I was involved the last ten years in different social, therapeutic and educational work with children, youth and adults.

My work is not only based on my academic education. I embody and live through what I communicate and share.

I consider every person as its own expert and see every person I work with as the one having the first role in the process we engage in. I will offer you my support and expertise in a way that will provide you with the space and tools, to understand your situation, acknowledge your own resources and the ways to use them, in order to address your concerns in a sustainable and healthy way.

I am reliable, calm and patient. I will adapt myself and my work to you and your environment.

You can always contact me, for more information about myself.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Gaetan Matel

My Approach

Short term counseling

in a very short term such as a one time session, we will systemically map your situation, identify the factors involved (e.g. stress factors) and set strategies to address them. This will give you an overview over your situation, with adapted tools to address the issues related to it, in autonomy.

Middle - long term counseling

Every personal growth is a process.
The process we will engage in, will be based on a common agreement. Similar to a contract, this will set the fundament of what we will be processing, its reasons, purpose and context.

As a common agreement, it will be jointly defined between you and me. This will allow me to tailor my expertise specifically to you, as I acknowledge the individuality and complexity of each person.

Based on this agreement, I will regularly assess with you the state of the process, as well as the efficiency and usefulness of my support.

Online: I can only offer online sessions currently.

Qualifications And Experience


Jan 2021 - Master Dance Movement Therapy, SRH University Heidelberg, Germany

May 2017 - Bachelor in Psychology, Aix-Marseille University, France


Nov 2020 - ongoing
Dance Movement Therapy in group setting for refugees, with social project Cook Your Future, Heidelberg (Germany)

June 2019 - Feb 2020
Dance Movement Therapy in group setting for Adults, Center for Psychosocial Medicine, Heidelberg University

Jan 2019 - May 2019
Dance Movement Therapy in group and individual setting, Psychiatric Hospital for Youth and Child, Heidelberg University


English, French, German


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