Diogo M. Gonçalves

Diogo M. Gonçalves

Clinical Psychologist

60 € / session

Clinical Psychologist, Sport Psychologist and Psychotherapist based in Lisbon.

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Lisbon

60 € / session

Diogo M. Gonçalves

Clinical Psychologist in Lisbon

I believe that at the heart of psychotherapy, there is a good and balanced relationship, one that challenges you to overcome difficulties, to clarify and bring forward new ways of being, acknowledging who you are.

Rua Alexandre Herculano 19 1250-098 Lisbon Rua Alexandre Herculano 19 1250-098 Lisbon

About Diogo M.

I'm a trained clinical psychologist, sport psychologist and existential psychotherapy practitioner, based in Lisbon. I believe that change follows a good relation, one rooted on care and trust. Therapy should allow you to channel your authentic self, to make choices and set goals for yourself, without judgment or pre-conceptions.

My Approach

I follow the tenets of existential psychotherapy, the basic principle that everyone is free to choose and we do so every single day. Having to do that brings forward anxiety and a myriad of other feelings that distract us from ourselves. There is no harm in feeling as we need to, sometimes all we need is someone that is there to listen and allow us to acknowledge that and move forward.

Qualifications And Experience


2018-2019: Advanced Specialization in Sport Psychology (INSPSIC)

2013-2016: 4th Course in Existential Psychotherapy (SPPE)

2010-2013: Master's degree in Clinical Psychology (ISPA)

2007-2010: Bachelor's degree in Psychological Sciences (ISPA)


2019 - Currently: Clinical Psychologist at a Children's Institution (Lisbon)

2018 - Currently: Sport Psychologist at Club Football Estrela da Amadora

2015 - Currently: Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in private practise

2015 - 2018: Clinical Psychologist at children's support institution.

2015: Clinical Psychologist at a retirement home in Estoril

2014: Clinical Psychologist Hospital Garcia de Orta (Internship)


English, Portuguese


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