It's Complicated

Ana Zore Grmek

Psychodynamic psychotherapist, Mag. pth.

I work as a psychodynamic therapist who likes working with clients who are interested in exploring their inner worlds, motives and are craving to better understand themselves and others.
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About me

I work as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in private practice but before that I have worked and volunteered at different mental health institutions.

What brought me to psychotherapy was my own experience of being a client. What therapy offered me was an increased sense of freedom and with that personal choice in navigating my life. It offered me an alternative perspective to the despair that accompanied me in the past. Psychotherapy helped me to become more open with others and with myself, because I was finally beginning to understand how my past affected my present and my future. The greatest gift that I received from therapy was definitely the compassion that I've gained for myself and others. This compassion helps me to navigate life in a much more calmer and present way.

I am a member and work in the frame of the Ethical code of EZPPS (European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies-Slovenia), which is consistent with the ethical normative and standards of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies, the European Association for Psychotherapy and the Slovenian Umbrella Association for Psychotherapy.

My approach

I primarily work through the frame of psychodynamic psychotherapy that was developed in Germany. The mentioned psychodynamic modality is based on psychoanalysis but additionally encompasses the humanistic approaches and includes body work or body techniques. Simultaneously I like to incorporate elements of existential therapy which represents my study of interest. Existentialism takes into account the aspect of personal responsibility for our lives and the search for meaning.

Key factors that I think are important to know for the psychotherapeutic process:

The goal of therapy:
To encourage the client to explore their own inner world and with that to get in touch with their essence. Getting in touch with our essence encompasses the awareness of our own worth and with that the acceptance of our human experience (both the pleasant and the not so pleasant insights).

The therapeutic relationship:
Refers to a formation of a safe therapeutic bond that prioritises emphatical understanding of the client and emotional honesty. The therapeutic relationship enables a base for the client's corrective experiences, which contribute to the therapeutic change. In the context of the therapeutic relationship, the therapist is a non-judgmental witness to the client's experiences of the world and that helps with the normalisation of emotional anguish and the rebuilding of trust, trust within ourselves and trust in other human beings.

The individualized approach:
Because every individual's experience of his world is unique, I work with the premise of adapting the therapeutic techniques to the individual and their specific needs.

Where I practice

Qualifications and experience

2015-2018 Bachelor Programme-Psychotherapy Science Academic Degree: Bakkalaurea der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (BA. pth.) Sigmund Freud University Vienna- Ljubljana branch 2019-2023 Master Programme-Psychotherapy Science Academic Degree: Magistra / Magister der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (Mag.pth.) Sigmund Freud University Vienna- Ljubljana branch 2016-2020 Specialization in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Academic Degree: Psychodynamic psychotherapist Institute for psychodynamic psychotherapy-Slovenia
2015: -participation in an 8 week long mindfulness programme, organised by the Organisation for developing mindfulness Slovenia 2017: -attendance at the 8th World congress for psychotherapy in Paris, -working as a chaperone for patients at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, 2018: -attendance at the programme called »Student days«, organised by the Slovenian umbrella association for psychotherapy, -working at the Primary health care centre in Ljubljana-at the Centre for mental health, where I worked with children and teenagers, primarily, collaborating with the team's clinical psychologist, 2019: -volunteering at the Society for prevention work Slovenia, working on the primary prevention programme called »Youth's workshops«, where I lead weekly psycho-educational workshops for children, -attendance at the student Programme-Essentials of Psychoanalysis in London, -attendance at the 51st IPA (International psychoanalytical association) Congress in London, 2020-2021: -working at the Primary health care center in Izola, Slovenia- at the Centre for strengthening health, where I collaborated with a clinical psychologist, -working at the Outpatient Clinic at Sigmund Freud University Ljubljana, 2021-2022: -leading weekly psycho-educational workshops at a non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian organisation Altra, -gaining a certificate in autogenic training, which was completed in a 7 week long programme, led by a licenced psychiatrist dr. Dušan Žagar, -gaining 160 hours of psychiatric practice at a private psychiatric office (Sonart d.o.o.), where I worked with individual patients, couples and families, -opening a private psychotherapeutic practice in Ljubljana, Slovenia, -leading a debate about relational trauma which was organised with the collaboration with Sinapsa (Slovenian neuroscience association).
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  • €75 / session
Based inLjubljana
Currently not accepting clients
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Usually responds within one day