Daniela Da Silva

Daniela Da Silva

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach

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70 £ / session

Daniela Da Silva

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach in London Borough of Haringey

Your body remembers what your mind has forgotten. Some patterns of grief can be stuck on your lungs or hips, for instance. Make the most of our talking therapy by opening or sessions with breathwork and yoga.

   London Borough of Haringey    London Borough of Haringey

About C Daniela Da

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I am a certified yoga teacher. My last certification was granted after I successfully passed rigorous anatomy and physiology test. While studying the human body it came naturally to me undertake a level 5 course in CBT, in which I passed with distinction.

My first (yoga) teaching experience was in 2007, and I taught since then but it wouldn't be until 2016 that I started to work with yoga and breathwork full-time.

During the summer (2019), I guided over 200 sessions of yoga and integrative breathwork, witnessing the most profound release of emotions and tension as the recovery of memories that lay on the subconscious mind driving impulses.
I continue to work in London and worldwide, guiding yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions.

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My Approach

Despite we often hearing positive enforcements such as 'you past do not define your present' this is only a half-truth. Our brains have impulses to gravitate towards what has become 'familiar' through repetition, often unconsciously attempting to recreate, within our adult experiences the feelings we so intimately knew in childhood. If exposed to certain dynamics through our early experiences, we are at risk of recreating these states in what some could call 'sabotage'.

Albeit traumas can be very straightforward to define (poverty, loss, abuse, violence, culture, bully, etc.), some of our past experiences might be subtle, such as witnessing parents who stayed in a relationship for other reasons than love or compatibility. If it occurred before the development of full speech, the feelings associate with it become primal and abstract to your mind, yet well known to your body.
My aim is to identify these urges before they turn into actions, exploring the unconscious. My technics are movement, breathwork, free association, and bodywork.

Our Bodies

We all know and feel that our shoulders keep tension on them. But there are more to it, problems on your lower back are related to resentment, frustration and anger, disappointment.

If you experienced a tense environment growing up, areas of the body that serve as a 'foundation' are likely to be affected—showing up as problems with pelvis, rectum, hips, legs and feet. Therapyoga will assist you to 'be in your body. Patterns of grief can be stuck on your lungs, to release it breathwork can be more efficient than years of talking therapy.

If you believe in my approach of adding movement in addition to your talk therapy (using CBT technics). I will look forward to helping you to make the most of all your available resources. As harder was your past, more potential you have at the present moment, if you only learn how to be the alchemist of your life, transforming brute material into gold.


Qualifications And Experience


2008 Diploma in teaching yoga
2019 Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology (ongoing)
2019 Level 5 CBT- Grade 'Distinction'
2017 Level 3 Yoga Certification
2017 Diploma in Mindfulness


2008 to today Yoga teacher - Itajai, Brazil, Madrid, Spain.
2016 to today (Founder) Blue House Yoga 12 yoga retreats (Ibiza, Chamonix, Sommerset, Palma)
2019 Aman Yoga & Breathwork Therapist (200 sessions between June and August 2019)
2020 Body Works West Yin and Hatha Yoga Teacher
2020 WellBeing95 Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Relevant past experiences:

Health worker, Harm Reduction Program, Public Health Services City of Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil
November 2003 – November 2006 Needle exchange program: I was an integral part of a team of 12 health workers tasked with visiting the poor and drug impacted areas of Itajai. Our mission was to seek up and connect with drug users in order to impact them to change their behavior. The team consisted of a multitude of disciplines – doctors, nurses, and social workers. My role was to be a gateway to creating trust with our clients. My background allowed me to move more naturally in this tough environment which to many of my colleagues was alien and frightening. During these years I established many deep relationships with people and families hit by traumas and unfortunate circumstances. I am proud of being part of this effort which helped many of them to better lives. The project, in its earlier days, has been described in a research paper in Oxford University Press (https://www.jstor.org/stable/4462688?seq=1)

November 2006-2007 Epidemic prevention public health agent:

Sex-workers education AIDS and STDs: Alongside with Damage Reduction Program the Secretaria de Saude funded a program to control the spread of HIV in Itajai this time focusing on sex-workers. The way to access this population was to create trustful relationships with the community in order to establish free distribution points in which anyone would have access to the collection of condoms and clean syringes at strategic points 24/7 with no questions asked. Because of the nature of this request and its prejudices a plan of action similar to the Damage Reduction Program was followed. Firstly, my role was to gain trust functioning as a bridge between the patients and the health care system. As I became ‘know’ not by wearing a uniform but by interaction and informal approaches in the streets and by regularly providing health care for patients who had been excluded or unable to visit a doctor for treatments we became then able to access brothels to educate and raise consciousness on the importance of wearing condoms. During these talks we would also provide psychological accompaniment, distribute relevant material and discuss their risks and rights when working and also in their personal lives. This work had some conflicts with authorities and also issues of privacy/ disclaiming nature but as a team, we could measure the decline of new cases of HIV controlling the incidents by a large number.
2006-2007 Dengue: In this sector, my role was to be part of a community-based control program developed with the aim to educate the community about the measures for the extermination of mosquito breeding sites by visiting their homes regularly looking for water in containers, jars and so on. The community was divided into various groups depending upon their level of education and understanding and because of the previous experience I was often designed to be granted access to homes in restricted areas as a vital part of this job was also to create a relationship of trust and reciprocity.
2007-2008 AIDS, Hepatites & STDs: In my final year and still at the Municipal Health Secretariat I worked in the prevention team of AIDS, STDs and Viral Hepatitis delivering condoms and educational material for the entire port population, especially truck drivers, dockworkers, and their wives. This program was created to encourage the target audience to become aware of the risks of unprotected sex following an alarming raise of married women who contracted HIV from their partners (generally uneducated population with high salaries) who kept a hedonist lifestyle reinforced by their work-culture. The program aimed to educate couples and stimulate open conversations on the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of proper condom use, not just with casual partners but also at home. One of my roles in this program was to develop a relationship with these dockworkers and convince them to take an HIV exam once the likelihood of them having contracted the virus was high. Their chances were determined following a questioner in which questions regards to their sexual life was asked, but the process was somehow subtle, for instance, this population didn’t ‘like’ the fear imposed by doctors, therefore, we were designated to slowly build rapport, then distributing material, then wait for them to ask to take respond the questions (our office was inside the port) and we successfully tested 70% of the workers in the years we were active


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