Fanny Isnard Persson

Fanny Isnard Persson

Gestalt therapist

70 € / session

70 € / Therapy session (1 hour)

100 € / Couple therapy (1,5 hour)

50 € / Reduced price individual (student, low-income, unemployed)

80 € / Reduced price couple (students, low-income, unemployed)

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Stockholm

70 € / session

Fanny Isnard Persson

Gestalt therapist in Osby

Hi! Hej! Bonjour! We can work together, particularly if you feel stuck, if you go through a crisis, if you are stressed, if you want to tame your emotions, to be closer to yourself or to develop self-compassion.

Kråkeskogsvägen 29 283 Osby Kråkeskogsvägen 29 283 Osby

About Fanny Isnard

Living in Sweden, I am a French gestalt therapist in my forties. I am passionate about life and how to live life! I have always worked with people or with emancipation (NGOs, education...). I have been interested in personal development since more than 20 years: meditation and relaxation, mindfulness, nonviolent communication, yoga, parenting, transition questions (inner/societal change). I am also very interested in interculturality and have worked with refugees and expats. I offer couple therapy too.

I started my gestalt therapy education in France and finished it in Denmark. I work with clients with issues such as: stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, self-worth, relationships, shame, emotions, trauma. I have a speciality in grief and loss (in particular baby loss) and taboos.

I also work with companies/organisations on team-building, leadership, individual/team-coaching, stress and burnout prevention.

I am a member of SAG: Sveriges Aukoriserade Gestaltterapeuter.

My Approach

I believe in the human ability to heal, and maybe above all in the ability to grow when going through any hardship.

In gestalt therapy we work in the here and now, with whatever arises during the therapy session, in an open and empathetic approach. The relationship between the therapist and the client becomes the playground to explore the client's relationships to him/herself and to others.

We aim to increase bodily and emotional awareness in order to support the client being more aware of his/her patterns and ways of being/doing and therefore being able to make new choices, developing self-empathy, taking the lead of his/her life. Sometimes (often) it starts with accepting where/how/who you are now. We work to support the client in getting a sense of more freedom and of more satisfaction in/with life as well as an ability to dare, "risking being alive".

Qualifications And Experience


2021 MBSR Mindfulness teacher, level 1

2013-2019 gestalt-therapist, organizational consultant and coach (first part at Champ-G, France and second part at GIS International, Denmark, certified by EAP - European Association for Psychotherapy)

Courses: Nonviolent conflicts resolution, meditation, MBSR mindfulness 8 weeks program, yoga, relaxation and self-hypnosis


2017-today: private gestalt therapist practice "En tid för sig" (A time for yourself)
Individual, couple and groups.

2017-today: life coach and teacher in personal development in a "folk high school" (Glimåkra, Sweden). Public: young adults with social difficulties / mental health issues / visual impairment / refugees.


English, French, Swedish


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