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Frank Pfitzner

Psychodynamic therapist

The knowledge about recovery as well as your personal solutions lie within you. I gladly accompany you towards freeing this knowledge and thus removing obstacles from your path of growth and healing.


I have always been interested in a deeper understanding of us humans - our being, our problems and our healing. Originating from East Berlin I followed the invitation of the opened wall and set out to live, study and work for several years in the United States, Canary Islands and in Peru. In Germany I put a solid professional base with master studies in psychology, a very inspiring psychotherapy formation in an oficial institute and a lot of direct work with patients in a variety of clinical fields.

My Approach

I´m a fully accredited clinical psychotherapist here in Berlin. I studied psychodynamic, body-orientated and Gestalt Therapy approaches and deepend my background with trainings in traumatherapy and a more soulful approach to human crisis and growth. I studied Yoga and enthusiastically spend some years working in an intercultural setting in the peruvian amazon.
C.G. Jung once said, that for every patient you would have to invent a new form of therapy. So - drawing on all those experiences - I try to find a fitting language and an honest and heartful therapeutic relation with each person.

I work in two offices: One in the Böhmische Strasse 47a (Berlin-Neukölln) and one in the Bölschestraße 66 (Berlin-Friedrichshagen).

As an accredited therapist I can settle the payment with all private insurances and some of the "gesetzliche Krankenkassen".

I offer a sliding scale/social fare for those in financial hardship.

My Qualifications


2019 - Certification as Psychodynamic Psychotherapist
2018-2019 Formation in Traumatherapy (PITT)
2012 - 2019 Formation in Psychodynamic, Humanistic-existential and Body-orientated therapeutic approaches in a state approved institute
2012 - 2015 Formation in "Psychotherapy of the Soul" (Heiligenfeld Akademie)
2007 - 2009 Formation as a Yoga Instructor
1996 - 2006 Master Studies in Psychology in Berlin


2015 - today Psychotherapist with practice in Berlin
2014 - 2015 Psychotherapist in a forensic and acute psychiatric clinic
2011 - 2013 Psychotherapist in a psychosomatic clinic
2007 - 2011 clinical psychologist and therapeutic coordinator in an intercultural therapy center in the peruvian amazon
2005 - 2007 instructor in the field of adult education
2002 - 2003 working with street kids in Lima, Peru


English, German, Spanish

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