Maria Grubor

Maria Grubor


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70 € / session

Maria Grubor

Psychologist in Skopje

I specialize in guiding people through the mental havoc wrecked by depression, anxiety and emotional turmoil. In addition, I enjoy helping clients optimize interpersonal relations and grow a healthy & vibrant confidence.

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About Maria

My love for psychology was born out of my love for philosophy, art and introspection, and the burning desire to get to know the human soul at the most intimate level. And that is quite an exciting road that will never end.

Today, I am a trained and licensed psychologist holding a Bachelor of Arts in psychology diploma, and will begin my studies for a master's degree in clinical psychology in September 2020. So far, I have years of clinical experience as a psychologist in multiple University Clinics and have counselled a vast variety of patients and clients. My current job is a psychologist at the National Institute for Transfusion Medicine.

In the meanwhile, I study psychodrama at an EU-certified School of Psychotherapy. Besides the psychodrama approach, I have extensive experience with psychometrics, art therapy, sociotherapy, gestalt techniques, CBT and the Jungian approach.

For me, the human nature is an eternal source of fascination, inspiration and motivation, and I am dedicated to unlocking its secrets and using them to help people and communities truly shine and thrive.

My Approach

Mishandled, reactionary and unexpressed emotions and thoughts can form an enchanted circle that may drive a person to the verge of a breakdown with anxiety and overwhelming existential grief.

To break these chains, we need to revitalize belief and moral systems, as well as reframe past recollections, recalibrate one's sense of self-worth and purpose and bring it to a healthy and vibrant level, restructure future objectives, strengthen social support, and finally, find creative outlets for the sublimation of pain, sadness and frustration.

Let me lend a hand and guide you on this path.

Qualifications And Experience


2019 - Started School of Psychodrama Therapy at Amigdala - Center for Psychotherapy and Education
2016 - Finished internship as clinical psychologist at University Clinic for Psychiatry
2014 - Graduated with Bachelor's of Arts in psychology diploma from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje
2013 - Graduated as a gestalt-oriented sociotherapist at Zorba Consulting - Center for Applied Psychology


In addition to my official work as a clinical practitioner, I have loads of experience in organizing and leading theoretical and experiential workshops on the topics of art therapy, self-care, self-expression, burnouts and anxiety, and much more. I have also written many columns and articles about mental disorders, mental hygiene and mental health prevention, and am thoroughly committed to sharing my knowledge and educating the public on these crucial issues.


Bosnian, Croatian, English, Macedonian, Serbian


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