Episode 1: A Life in Transition

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Reece Cox is a Berlin-based sound artist, DJ, and producer. Cox graduated with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from MICA and has a cerebral approach to both club music and sound.

Last Updated on December 29, 2023 by It’s Complicated

The It’s Complicated podcast takes a journalistic approach to contemporary issues across the broad spectrum of what we call therapy and mental health.

Rather than focusing on therapeutic approaches and styles or the most recent books and research, it spans a bit of all of it to attempt to capture a dynamic picture of what it means to build a therapist practice and be a practitioner in the real world. And it doesn’t stop with the professionals. The podcast will also explore the stories of the individuals who have found themselves “on the couch” at one point or another. People who are willing to share their stories of loss, trauma, disorder, addiction, and whatever else brings a person to therapy.

In the first episode of the It’s Complicated podcast, I (Reece Cox) speak with three practitioners based in Berlin about some of the trends they notice in what motivates expats to seek out therapy. Danish psychologist, Johanne Schwensen, talks about experiencing the city as quite bipolar, in that it provides an environment of extreme peaks and lows. Swedish Jungian psychoanalyst, Jakob Lusensky, explores what role therapy can play in a life in transition. And Australian psychologist, Laura Brophy, speaks about how the freedoms and experiments that Berlin as a city provides, especially for its newcomers, also often go hand-in-hand with anxiety and fear. Following these segments is a brief but in-depth conversation with artist and musician, Jan Durina, Aka For You Katrina about his experience dealing with the pressure of a growing music career under compromising conditions and struggling with mental health. 

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Also, make sure to listen to Jan Durina’s Current project, Ephemeral.

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