Resources for Therapists for Ukraine

This referral list is to assist mental health practitioners involved in the Therapists for Ukraine initiative, so they can refer their clients to the service that best suits their needs.
It's Complicated

15th June 2022, Berlin: Therapists for Ukraine: Feedback report from therapists and clients


Online psychological support in Ukrainian and Russian

#ScienceForUkraine: scientific funding programs and support initiatives

Support for children and families: Support service for parents, children, and clinicians


Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine (European Commission)




Help portal for refugees arriving in Germany

Important information on entry and residence for Ukrainians

Health Insurance for Refugees In Germany

Platform Early Intervention and Flight - resources for professionals, volunteers and families



Medical care for refugees in Berlin (in German, ‘Medizinische Versorgung für geflüchtete Menschen’)

The first days in Berlin - The most important information for refugees from Ukraine (in German, ‘Die ersten Tage in Berlin – die wichtigsten Informationen für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine’)

List of resources for help and support for Ukraine (in German, ‘Hilfe und Spenden für die Ukraine: Der Ukraine helfen können’)


Xenion - Berlin-based psychosocial help for the politically persecuted 


Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN - Berlin-based help for victims of persecution and violence


Center for Intercultural Psychiatry & Psychotherapy (ZIPP) & Psychiatric outpatient clinic in Berlin


Medical and psychotherapy practices that provide free care to refugees without health insurance


Ukrainian mother & baby group – The group is accompanied by a midwife and a Ukrainian interpreter. It is a space for questions, sharing, advice, play and supporting each other. 




Weekend Trampoline House - Gathering place for displaced people


For therapists 

Panel conversation about crisis intervention and humanitarian wellbeing

Working with refugees - Instagram live with Johanne Schwensen & Katharina Albrecht

Volunteer Guidelines

Research paper: Papadopoulos, R. K. (2007). Refugees, trauma and adversity-activated development. European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling, 9(3), 301-312. Download pdf here.

Bi-weekly community gathering: support group for counsellors who are compassionately volunteering and providing psycho-social help to those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Telegram group chat for therapists involved with the Therapists for Ukraine initiative


Our Instagram page – with practical tips, interviews, and initiative updates

Mental health resources for freelancers and the self-employed