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Free Psychological Support For Those Affected by Current Large-Scale Crises

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by It’s Complicated

In these times of continuous upheaval, the psychological impact of conflict has become a pressing issue. The Israel-Hamas war and humanitarian crisis in Palestine has, like many other crises around the world, taken a significant toll on the mental well-being of civilians caught in the crossfire. However, you can learn how to get free crisis therapy in our following article.

It’s during these dark times that the role of therapy can transcend the confines of the individual and become a form of collective resistance. It’s not just about introspective healing anymore — it’s about facing the harsh realities of our world and finding the mental fortitude to cope with them.

This means grappling with the emotions stirred up by events such as the current humanitarian crisis — not just in private, but as a community.

How Does the Free Crisis Response Therapy Work?

Therapists on It’s Complicated pledge to provide at least four sessions free of charge, with the duration and number of sessions tailored to the unique circumstances of each individual. Whether you are seeking therapeutic support in the wake of a current war, natural disaster, or any other such catastrophe, these therapists are here to offer support. If you wish, please refer to our article here to read about how online therapy works.

Acknowledging the profound psychological distress caused by crises like the Israel-Hamas war, It’s Complicated has launched an initiative that is more relevant than ever: Crisis Response Therapists.

This program is a testament to the dedication of therapists who are offering their services for free to those directly impacted by large-scale crises. The counselling available through this platform is meant to be a psychological first aid, helping individuals navigate the turbulent emotional waters of war and displacement.

Our Crisis Response Therapists

Please follow this link to access our subdirectory of crisis response therapists.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the Israel-Palestine crisis or any other global crisis, help is readily available on It’s Complicated. Here, a diverse group of skilled counsellors is offering accessible, online counseling in various languages and therapeutic modalities. To connect with a therapist, simply browse the list of available professionals and reach out to one that aligns with your needs through the platform.

It’s Complicated is here for all people affected by wars, forced displacement, or natural disasters. It serves as a bridge connecting you to compassionate, qualified therapists who are committed to providing mental health support during these challenging times. Visit It’s Complicated and select a private or free crisis therapist to help you navigate through this difficult period.

For immediate concerns or questions about our free crisis therapy, contact, but please remember, It’s Complicated does not offer emergency services. In case of a life-threatening situation or if you are at risk of harm, visit your nearest emergency room.

Sharing the burden of these heavy times can strengthen our collective empathy, akin to heart muscles that grow back stronger after every break. This is the time for community, and for standing together in the face of adversity.

Built for therapists, by therapists, It’s Complicated is the only international counselling platform that doesn’t just help people find the right therapist, but also supports the therapists in their craft of helping others. With GDPR-compliant video software, encrypted messaging, and easy invoicing, It’s Complicated is the only tool you need to do therapy. If you a therapist interested in becoming a Crisis Response Therapist, simply create a profile and add the tag “Crisis Response”.

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