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Johanne is a Danish psychologist trained in behavioral methods and the co-founder of It's Complicated. She completed her education as a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen in 2013, with a master's degree and experience within the fields of narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

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Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by It’s Complicated

Working as a therapist can be just as complicated as it can be rewarding. For starters, when dealing with another human, many factors are impossible to predict and control. Add to the mix that many clients don’t know what exactly they’re looking for, and might not know how to even conceptualize the problem at hand. Therapy is hard work!

Then there’s the fit; sometimes it just doesn’t click. Oh and not to mention compassion fatigue: when you spend your days being such a compassionate listener, that you risk burning out your ability to empathize.

And last but not least the isolation that many of us feel in on our work, longing for collegial care and support beyond the weekly supervision session.

These challenges were some of the reasons for founding It’s complicated. A platform that aims to break the isolation by inviting practitioners from different fields of psychology and different parts of the world to talk to, support and learn from each other.

In addition to this, It’s Complicated wants to give a boost to those therapists who aren’t entrepreneurs or self-promoters. For many, it’s neither easy nor fun to build, grow and manage a practice. For instance, how do you get more clients, without having to spend loads of time and money on an SEO-friendly website and different listings? And how do you keep from spending all your evenings answering emails, booking new times, rescheduling and invoicing? Work as a therapist can quickly become both complicated and lonely with all the time spent on administrative tasks.

This is why It’s Complicated uses technology in a simple way to address these challenges through an easy-to-use directory, which delivers clients. A swift calendar with client reminders that saves time and effort and last but not least a secure place for client conversations.

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