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How to Find the Right Therapist in Frankfurt

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by It’s Complicated

Whether you’re seeking therapy covered by public health insurance or need immediate crisis intervention, knowing where to turn is crucial. Here’s a detailed guide to accessing mental health resources in Frankfurt.

Why is it so hard to find a therapist in Frankfurt?

As per the German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychosomatics, roughly 17.8 million people were coping with mental health issues in 2023. However, only 18.9% of them seek professional help despite common conditions like anxiety and mood disorders. There’s a huge need for improving access to mental health services. On top of that, it was found that 40% of patients must wait for up to nine months before they can commence therapy counselling. Needless to say, such a delay often leads to symptoms of mental health difficulties getting worse over time.

Even for those who find a therapist in Frankfurt that meets their criteria, there are often logistical challenges to cope with. These sessions require out-of-pocket payments for initial assessments. Plus, even if you have insurance, there’s no guarantee that it will cover subsequent sessions. The financial uncertainty complicates the process of accessing care, but this guide to finding the right therapist in Frankfurt will break down both free state-led resources as well as more affordable traditional private therapy options.

Therapists who speak English in Frankfurt

Living in Frankfurt does not equate to living your life in German. The opinions on the topic language and therapy are varied, but roughly speaking, the theories can be split into two categories: Those that claim non-native therapy to be less effective and less emotional than therapy in your mother tongue, and those which say non-native therapy might be more analytical than native therapy.

While English is widely spoken in the city, not all therapists offer services in languages other than German. For many people in Frankfurt, especially expats and non-German speakers, finding a therapist who speaks their language is an ordeal. According to, there are currently 181 English-speaking therapists in Frankfurt. However, the frustrating reality is that even out of these English-speaking therapists, the number of those who also accept state insurance is scarce. So, in an already vulnerable state, those seeking a therapist in Frankfurt may feel isolated and unsure of where to turn for support. It takes work to get someone who speaks your language and comprehends your context and cultural background, which is crucial for effective therapy.

But like with so many other criteria when looking for a therapist, it’s good to ask yourself if you need someone who resembles you or if it’s enough to find someone who simply shares aspects of your cultural experience. In the end, more than anything else, it’s the therapeutic relationship and rapport that makes for successful therapy.

List of mental health resources in Frankfurt

Accessing Therapy Covered by Public Health Insurance in Frankfurt

It’s quite unique for Germany that the public health insurance will cover the costs of psychotherapy. Unfortunately, finding a therapist who speaks English and can be covered by your insurance can be so difficult that it leaves people seeking therapy both confused and distressed. That’s why we’ve distilled the notoriously kafkaesque process into 5 steps.

Finding a therapist in Frankfurt who accepts your insurance and has availability for new patients might require some research and possibly a waitlist. Many therapists in Germany work within a framework called “Kassenärztliche Vereinigung” (KV), which means they are authorized to provide services covered by public health insurance. But it’s not that simple – finding a therapist who fits both your needs and your insurance is a challenge.

1. Contact the Terminservicestelle der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung:

  • Dial 116117 (central telephone number) or visit their website to schedule an appointment with a psychotherapist who has availability for an initial consultation.
  • Website: Terminservicestelle
  • For those of you who are TK health insurance members, you can access doctors on call 24/7 by calling 040-46 06 61 91 00 for year-round medical support.

2. Finding a Psychotherapist Independently:

  • Utilize psychotherapist directories like Psych-info and Die KVH-Arztsuche to find English-speaking psychotherapists in Frankfurt.
A person attending an appointment with a mental health provider

Support Resources in Frankfurt for Families and Individuals

Counselling and Mental Health Support:

  1. Family Counselling Centres – The Erziehungsberatungsstellen Frankfurt service provides a wide range of support for parents and children. From advice to social support and assistance in accessing relevant services, they offer comprehensive assistance along with support groups and training sessions.
  2. Suicide Support Line (German) – FRANS offers a dedicated helpline for individuals grappling with suicidal thoughts, providing a compassionate and understanding ear to those in need.
  3. Mental Health Support Line (German) – The Telefonseelsorge provides anonymous support for those facing mental health challenges, offering a listening ear and resources for coping and healing.

Addiction Support Groups:

  1. Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) – English Speaking Meetings – For individuals struggling with sex addiction, SAA provides a safe space for discussion and support to overcome addictive behaviors.
  2. AA Young People Group – Alcoholics Anonymous offers a supportive community for individuals seeking to address their struggles with alcoholism. The group welcomes anyone looking to overcome their drinking problem.
  3. AA Frankfurt – International Group – This closed meeting is tailored for those struggling with alcohol addiction or those seeking support to overcome drinking problems.

Parental and Community Support:

  1. Afloat – Parental Support Group – Afloat e.V. offers support to international pregnant and new mothers, guiding them through the challenges of motherhood. With various online and in-person groups available, mothers can find solidarity and encouragement in their journey.
  2. Netzwerk Seilerei – This community project hosts a variety of therapeutic activities and events, including yoga, support groups, and dancing. It provides a nurturing environment for individuals to connect and heal.

Finding the right therapist in Frankfurt

Unlike other healthcare professionals whose services are more readily accessible through general practitioners, finding a therapist in Frankfurt involves extensive research and trial and error. Factors such as specialisation, approach to therapy, availability, and location all play a role in finding the right fit. Without guidance or prior therapy experience, you may be unsure of where to start or how to proceed.

So, how can you overcome these challenges and find the right therapist in Frankfurt? Even though it could seem overwhelming at first, you can get the help you need if you have patience, persistence, and some advice. Here are some pointers to aid you with your journey:

Take it step-by-step

  1. Define Your Needs: Before you start your quest, consider the characteristics you are looking for in a therapist. Think about the treatment approach, specialization, and cultural sensitivity you want. This can help you narrow down the list of potential therapists and help you choose the right one for you.
  2. Ask for Recommendations: Consult with friends, family, or colleagues who have previously received therapy in Frankfurt. Based on their experiences, you may get wise advice. Your searching for therapist recommendations can also be facilitated by participating in online discussion forums and support groups.
  3. Utilise Online Directories: Psychotherapy and specialist search engines in Frankfurt can be found on several internet directories and platforms. You can even get their qualifications, specialisations, and contact details here. Websites like Psychology Today and It’s Complicated are great places to start.
  4. Consider Teletherapy: Many therapists have switched to providing treatment sessions online after the COVID-19 outbreak. If you prefer the flexibility of virtual sessions or cannot find a good therapist in Frankfurt, this can be a helpful choice.
  5. Be Persistent: Don’t be discouraged if you encounter obstacles or setbacks in your search for a Frankfurt therapist. Keep reaching out to different professionals, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification regarding their services. Remember, finding the right therapist is worth the effort.
  6. Consider Alternative Options: If traditional therapy isn’t feasible for you, explore alternative forms such as support groups, self-help resources, or online therapy platforms. Finding a solution that works for you while meeting your unique needs is essential.

Finding a Therapist in Frankfurt with It’s Complicated

Undeniably, finding the right therapist in Frankfurt can be complicated. But with the above-given factors in place, you’ll reach a safe decision. Or, you can simple down the process with a therapist directory platform such as It’s Complicated.

The platform, while one of many, has access to more than 2,000 mental health practitioners from more than 80 countries. They provide in-person and online therapy in almost 100 languages. Our top priority is your comfort, so we provide secure communications, hassle-free invoicing, and a video solution that complies with GDPR. We also offer a free online therapist matching service, completed by trained psychologists.

Advantages of Discovering Your Therapist via It’s Complicated

  • No Setup Costs: Creating an account and reaching out to therapists is entirely cost-free.
  • Transparent Pricing: You’ll only pay the session fee, with no concealed booking fees.
  • Precise Search: Utilise our robust search tool to pinpoint therapists based on your specific preferences.
  • Thorough Listings: Easily explore therapists categorised by their specialty, approach, location, and language.

It’s Complicated is a therapy platform that not only helps clients find their perfect therapist but also supports therapists in their craft of helping others. Featuring over 2,000 mental health professionals from 80+ countries, counselling is available in almost 100 languages, both online and in person. A GDPR-compliant video solution, encrypted messaging, and easy invoicing guarantee a private and seamless counselling experience for therapists and clients alike. If you are in a serious crisis and need urgent help, please use one of these resources instead.

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