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Somatic Healing: From Feeling Fixed to Fluid 

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Tamara has 20 years of experience in embodied movement practice, coaching and counselling. She is a certified Somatic Counsellor & Embodied Movement practitioner, and a trainer of mindfulness.

Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by It’s Complicated

Somatic therapy departs from traditional talk therapy by actively incorporating the individual’s physiology into the sessions. By its principles, insight can be physically embodied.Lately, I’ve found myself in that all-too-familiar place of feeling stuck. You know the drill, right?

Life gets all messy and overwhelming sometimes, and you start wondering what the heck is going on. But you know what I’ve realized? This feeling is like a little nudge from the universe, telling me it’s time for some serious soul-searching.

So, I’ve been getting real with myself again, digging deep, and asking that tough question, “What’s really keeping me stuck?” Sometimes, it’s just life doing its thing, and I’ve got to find the patience to ride it out. But more often than not, it’s the dance within myself that’s tripping me up.

I take a moment, close my eyes, and breathe it all in. Perhaps I even find a little movement that syncs with my thoughts. And there it is: old beliefs that I’m still holding onto, even though they don’t spark any joy anymore. It’s like clinging onto an old sweater that doesn’t fit. As I discover this new movement unfolding within me, I’m learning to let go, to release those outdated beliefs and embrace the space that’s opening up within my soul.

Do you know what the secret sauce is? It’s all about aligning myself with the natural rhythm of the Universe. Just like dancing to your own beat – finding that sweet spot where everything flows effortlessly and what was fixed becomes fluid again.

Oh, and just so you know, movement and dance? They’re like the Universe’s secret cheerleaders in this soul-searching game. They’re the tools that guide me as I tune into my inner rhythm, syncing it up with the grand rhythm of the Universe itself. 

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