Sophie Buch

Sophie Buch

Clinical Psychologist, Couples Therapist

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Online-therapy and clinic in Aarhus, Denmark

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115 eur / Sitzung

Sophie Buch

Clinical Psychologist, Couples Therapist in Aarhus

My passion is to accompany others on their journey of healing.
I'm driven to spread awareness about abuse.
Key words are openness, sincerity, authenticity, depth, intensity, and presence.

Mejlgade 46B 8000 Aarhus Mejlgade 46B 8000 Aarhus

Über Sophie

My PASSION is to spread awareness, knowledge, heal, and break taboos about ABUSE.

I've experienced abuse in a romantic relationship and it taught me just how complex the wounds can be. It also showed me how stigmatized, tabooed, and shameful it is to be a victim.

The violence of my relationship was, at the time, so hidden for me, that I undermined myself completely. It has taken me many years to rebuild myself. My sense of reality had been disturbed and my self-worth cracked. In most abusive relationships, we build narratives, stories, about the reality which overshadow every common sense. We end up overlooking our own boundaries, adapting, submitting, pleasing and apologizing. We do things we do not want to, because we try to uphold the story of love.

My journey of healing has been INTENSE. It has involved lots of therapy, lots of writing, lots of crying, lots of screaming, but also lots of love. I want you to experience the amazing journey of healing.

Let me help you understand what you went through, find yourself again, heal that devastating wound, so you can lead the life of warmth, happiness, and love that you deserve.

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Mein Therapieansatz

Who do I help?
I'm the psychologist for you who:
- have experienced, experience, or are not sure if you experience psychological violence
- have experienced sexual violence - also digitally
- fight to find your self and believe in yourself
- experience difficulty accepting and understanding your emotions
- have difficulty setting boundaries, saying no, and demanding something from others
- want to understand yourself and your attachment pattern
- fight with harmful coping such as eating disorders or self harm
- have to high expectations of yourself and struggle with perfectionism
- feel stressed and burned out
- have issues or struggles in the relationship
- and for YOU who wish to find each other again in couples therapy

I'm very inspired by therapeutic approaches such as ACT and DBT, because the theoretic foundations of these resonate with my own emotional and psychological experience of existing. Furthermore they both allow a certain degree of empathic humor to enter the therapeutic room, which shows itself healing again and again.
Life is painful, suffering seems an inevitable condition, and therefore I believe in the healing power of here-and-now presence, relating to others, and a self-compassionate understanding and insight to the eternal WHY. This moves into the areas of different therapeutic approaches such as existential paradigms. I find much meaning in using this type of approach as well, just like I have always viewed the human psyche from a psychodynamic perspective.
This all leads to quite colorful and nuanced therapy that flows in the direction that resonates best in the here-and-now between the person I'm with.

Qualifikationen und Erfahrung


2020 Cand.Psych./MSc in Psychology from Aarhus University. Masters thesis about psychological dynamics of online-radicalization. Internship with the forensic psychiatric unit (retspsykiatrisk afdeling).
2019 Erasmus semester at Sheffield Hallam University with classes in Forensic Psychology, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy.
2017 Bachelors in Psychology. Bachelors thesis about the correlation between attachment styles and conflict style in romantic relationships.


2022 - private practice psychologist
2021 - now, clinical psychologist with Teladoc Health, offering online therapy to clients with stress conditions, depression, distress, life crisis, relational issues, worries, anxiety, grief, among others.
2021 - now, consultant at Center for Digital Pædagogik, support writer.
2020 - 2021, teacher of psychology at EUX Aarhus Business College.
2020 - 2021, volunteer psychologist with Aarhus Care offering free therapy for citizens over the age of 30.
2020 - 2021, teacher of psychology at StudieAkademiet.
2020, intern at the forensic psychiatric unit, brief therapy encounters, mental observations, rapport writing.
2020, support mentor of students with special needs, Aarhus University.
2020, moderator/student teacher of the bachelors class organizational psychology.
2016 - 2020, coordinator of volunteers at Center for Digital Pædagogik. Supporting and supervising volunteer online counsellors.
2016 - 2020, counsellor at Center for Digital Pædagogik platforms.
2017 - 2018, student assistent in development of new counselling platforms at Center for Digital Pædagogik.
2016 - 2020, support person for family with a child with special needs.


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