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Katharina Albrecht

Couples and Sex Therapist

Hi, I'm a cert. sex & relationship therapist and a somatic experiencing practitioner ® (training), supporting individuals & couples in finding the sexuality & intimacy they deeply desire. Online & in-person in Berlin.
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Über mich

Originally from the North of Germany, I completed my university education and training in the UK, Canada & Germany; and I have lived in several places before settling in Berlin a few years ago. As part of my postgraduate training, I was taught by some of the leading clinicians in the field of couples therapy, such as Ariel Giarretto, David Schnarch & Ulrich Clement. I'm in ongoing clinical supervision and peer intervision. In your relationships, do you experience insecurities or fear of abandonment which are stopping you from enjoying your current situation? Or do you rather find yourself avoiding love, intimacy and sex altogether out of a fear of getting hurt, feeling disappointed or frustrated? In my sex therapy practice and as a body & sensation-oriented trauma psychotherapist (iT), I specialise in developmental & trans-generational trauma, working intensely with the nervous system, attachment, systemic & psychodynamic approaches to help you better navigate the dance between autonomy & interdependence in your romantic relationships, and to explore the language of your body to release negative experiences that may be stopping you from feeling your fully embodied, joyful (sexual) self either with yourself or in partnership. I have many years' experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds, and the areas of focus include - but are not limited to- the following: - Fear of abandonment, jealousy or lack of trust - Difficulty setting boundaries - low self-worth/esteem - Feeling sexually inhibited, withdrawn, anxious or switched off - Body shame & trauma - Coping with life transitions - Working towards building sustainable relationships - Navigating open relationships & consensual non-monogamy from different attachment templates - Differences in desire, orgasmic or erectile challenges Prices: 50 min individual sessions 100€ 55 min couple sessions 120€ 75min couple sessions 160€ Sessions are offered in English & German.

Mein Ansatz

My approach to sex therapy is both psychodynamic and systemic, which means that in our sessions together we will look at elements from your past that may have contributed to how you experience sex and love today, such as the early relationships to important persons in your life, your individual biography and the culture that surrounded you growing up. We will also explore your experiences of sex and love today, your couple history and your individual and couple desires. Then look at possible solutions together of how to have more fulfilling sexual experiences in the future. The aim of the sessions is to create a safe and inclusive space for you to explore and transform your sexual experiences - both as individuals and as a couple. By the time people come to see me, they often report having struggled through stretches of low sexual desire, difficulty maintaining healthy romantic relationships, body shame, a lack of trust in others after traumatic (sexual) experiences or chronic pain . As we grow through periods of emotional difficulty, not rarely do our values and beliefs about ourselves and our sexuality become drastically affected. I believe that in order to create any lasting change and restore someone's innate ability to form fulfilling relationships to others, it is crucial to offer an attentive and open space from which to explore one's unique situation and desires so that more empowered and fulfilling choices can be made. My approach is sex positive and kink-friendly. I operate from a differentiated and reflexive stance that is inclusive of all and non-stigmatising. LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive. Sitzungen sind natürlich auch auf Deutsch möglich.

Wo ich arbeite

Qualifikationen und Erfahrungen

September 2023 Essential Strategies for Healing Sexual Trauma and Sexuality with Ariel Giarretto Jan 2023-present Somatic Experiencing® (SE), body-oriented psychotherapy from SE Greece in Athens, Greece 2020-2022 Postgraduate Training in Systemic Sex Therapy with Ulrich Clement, German Association for Sexual Research, Berlin Germany 2021 Life Lessons: Female Desire in Sex Therapy Dr. Angelika Eck 2017-2019 PG Dip Refugee Care from the Centre for Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, Colchester, UK 2018 Narrative Therapy Training at the Institute of Narrative Therapy, Toronto CA 2012-2014 PG Dip Psychodynamic Couples Counselling, Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, London, UK 2007-2011 B.Sc. Psychosocial Sciences from the University of East London, London UK
2022-today freelance lecturer on issues concerning (refugee) trauma, psycho-sociality and the multidimensionality of care, TransVer, Charité Social Psychiatry 2018- today Psychologist in Private Practice 2021-2022 Team Psychologist at the COVID Intensive Care Unit, Charitè Universitätsmedizin, Mitte Campus 2020-2021 Psychosexual Counsellor working with Marginalised Communities, EJF 2017-2018 Team Psychologist at Race on the Agenda, London
  • 100 € / Sitzung
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