It's Complicated

Fernanda Rios


The clinical work is very rewarding. I am used to seeing all sorts of subjective changes, some are small and meaningful, others are real revolutions. For that all that is needed is to come and speak.
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Über mich

I am a clinical psychologist trained as a psychoanalyst. I provide analysis both in Portuguese and in English. I am trained as a Lacanian Psychoanalyst and have a post graduation degree in Psychopathology and Public Health. Most of my experience comes from my private clinic which I have since 2008. I’ve worked for many years in São Paulo/Brazil and since a couple of years I am now based in Berlin. I have worked in psychiatric hospitals having dedicated some years to the clinic of mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder). Since 2012 I also provide clinical services for clinical trials as well as in psychedelic science.

Mein Ansatz

I am trained to work in the realm of the speech and believe that the psychoanalytic technique provides the therapist as well as the patient with a safe place to work from throughout the analytical process. I have seen meaningful changes happen, real subjective revolutions or small but wished steps made by most of my patients. For that what is needed is for the patient to come and speak. I believe there are different and powerful psychotherapeutic approaches and psychoanalysis happens to be one of them.

Wo ich arbeite

Qualifikationen und Erfahrungen

2009-2014- Associated to Forum do Campo Lacaniano de São Paulo and adjacent clinical research group: - Clinical and Theoretical Discipline: Alienation and Separation to Fantasy (2016) - Clinical Training Workgroup (2015) - Clinical and Theoretical Discipline: Formalisation Exercises in Psychoanalytical Clinic (2015-2016) - S.Freud and J. Lacan's Reading Module (2013 - 2015) - Theory and Clinic Research Group – Clinical Training (2012) - Theoretical Discipline: On Jacques´ Lacan Work (2012-2013) Clinical and Theoretical Discipline: Symptom and Corporality Workgroup (2012-2014) 2008 Psychoanalytic Clinical Study – Conflict and Symptom - Sedes Sapientia - SP 2007-2009 Post Graduation in Psychopathology and Public Health - USP-SP 2003-2007 Graduation in Psychology - PUC-SP 
2019 - ongoing - Clinical Adherence Rater at MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) - US and European trial of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy - California, USA 2007 - ongoing - Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist - Clinical Office -São Paulo 2013 - ongoing - Clinical Specialist at Cronos Clinical Consulting Services -Hamilton-New Jersey, USA 2014 - 2015 - Voluntary Clinical Psychologist at Hospital Joao de Deus - São Paulo, Brazil 2013 - 2015 - Member of Laboratório Jacques Lacan's Clinical Group at Instituto de Psicologia/Universidade USP - São Paulo, Brazil 2012-2013 - Voluntary Clinical Psychologist and researcher at Instituto de Dermatologia/Fundação Faculdade de Medicina do ABC - São Paulo, Brazil 2012-2014 - Member of NEPPSI (Psychoanalysis Research in Psychosis) at Instituto de Psiquiatria do Hospital das Clinicas- Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade -São Paulo, Brazil 2011-2014 - Voluntary Clinical Psychologist at the Psychotherapy Service of Instituto de Psiquiatria/Hospital das Clinicas – Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil 2011-2014 - Voluntary Clinical Psychologist and Researcher at LIM-27 Affective Disorders Program in Instituto de Psiquiatria/Hospital das Clinicas- Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil 2013 - Publication: From Jealousy to Erotomania: A Clinical Case Study. Revista de Psicopatologia Fundamental/Laboratório de Psicopatologia Fundamental- PUC-SP. 2011-2014 - Voluntary Clinical Psychologist at LIM-27 Psychosis Group Instituto de Psiquiatria/Hospital Hospital das Clinicas- Faculdade de Medicina da USP - São Paulo, Brazil 2014 - Participant in the technical team of Ian Parker's book translation, Lacanian Psychoanalysis Revolutions in Subjectivity. São Paulo, Brazil 2014 - Invited referee by Antípoda, an Anthropology and Social Science magazine from Universidad de Los Andes/Colômbia-Bogotá for the article: Erotomania y Cultura; 2014 - Publication: Brief Notes on Experiences that Can't Be Uttered, in Pó. Boi. Pedra. Percografias. Fundação Nacional do Livro.
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