Lourdes Segade

Lourdes Segade

Accredited gestalt therapist

65 € / session

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65 € / session

Lourdes Segade

Accredited gestalt therapist in Barcelona

I help my clients listen carefully to the symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) that tell them something is unbalanced, in order to decode and comprehend the deep messages behind them and achieve healthier lives.

Carrer de Maignon 10 08024 Barcelona Carrer de Maignon 10 08024 Barcelona

About Lourdes

Ever since I have memory, I have been a seeker, looking inside and getting to know myself better than I knew anyone else. And I have, somehow, always accompanied others along their ways too.

I worked as a photographer for almost 20 years, documenting the lives of people who were suffering. Whether they were immigrants in dire conditions, children with health problems or women in difficulties in countries where they had no rights, I was always surprised by the many things that made us equal rather than different. Humanity is made from our emotions, thoughts, our body and how we relate to all of these. And they are mostly universal, independent from the context.

Seven years ago, I decided to change my way and accompany others from a different side: not just being a witness to their stories, but also helping them transform their difficulties into self-knowledge and new tools and resources that allow them to live better. I got certified trainings in Systemic work, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Wingwave Coaching®, Body and Art work, online Art therapy and other disciplines that allowed me to better understand our humanity and how we can be at peace with ourselves, with others and with Life.

And here I am, working as a therapist, mixing all the experience and knowledge I have with a genuine interest for human beings, their pain and difficulties and their will to improve their lives.

My Approach

I help my clients listen carefully to the symptoms that tell them something is unbalanced, in order to decode and comprehend the deep messages behind them and achieve healthier lives. We are complex systems where mind, heart, body and soul are constantly relating to each other. Depending on many factors, the relationships between our mind, heart, body and soul can be healthy or not, what will directly affect the extent to which we can live at peace and in balance.

I intuitively apply a mix of all the techniques and methods that I have learned depending on the client's needs in every moment of the session. Gestalt therapy and the systemic approach are the foundations that hold my work, and I trust the wisdom of my clients needs signals demanding additional resources, whether it is an EMDR intervention, an artistic exercise or body work. Each sessions is different from the others.

Qualifications and Experience


* currently getting a certificate in Shakti's Prayer, with Sajeeva Hurtado.

* may, 2 - 16, 2020: Online Art therapy training. (Certificate by ATe y AFIA)

* october, 2018 - february 2020: Body and Art Postgraduate. (Alas)

* october 2016 - august 2019: Integrative Psychotherapy. Psychology of the Enneatypes. (SAT Claudio Naranjo Program).

* october 2016 - july 2019: Gestalt Therapy certificate. (Institut Gestalt)

* october 2014 - june 2017: International Training in Family Constellations. (Institut Gestalt)

* february 2016, february 2017: Intensive training in Systemic Health, with Stephan Hausner. (Institut Gestalt)

* july 2016: Master Practitioner PNL y Trainer's Trainer en PNL, with Vicens Olivé and NLP team . (Institut Gestalt)

* july 2016: Family Constellations in one-on-one sessions. (Institut Gestalt)

* june 2016: International training Exploring the essence of Systemic Constellations, with Stephan Hausner.

* april - may 2016: Presence in Stillness, with Mike Boxhall.

* march 2016: Wingwave® Coaching. (Institut Gestalt)

* september 2000 - june 2001: Postgraduate in Journalism Reporting. (FCC Blanquerna. URL)

* september 1996 - june 2000: Degree in Communication Sciences. Sp. Advertising and PP.RR. (Blanquerna. URL)


2018 - today: Therapist (adding the different training courses and approaches as I got them)

2011 - 2020: Teacher of the Bcn Visual Lab course at Trinity in Barcelona, an abroad program of the Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut, USA). The course offered students the opportunity of using photography and other arts as a facilitators of their life experience.

2001 - 2015: Documentary Photographer (you can find some of my published works by googleing my name and adding Nytimes, CNN or Annenberg Space for Photography).

2011-2013: Teacher of Photography at Escola Voramar.


Catalan, English, Spanish


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