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Trauma is the response to a distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms a person's ability to cope.

Trauma is the response to a distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms a person's ability to cope. Trauma can cause damage to the mind and feelings of helplessness. It can diminish one's sense of self and ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences. Many therapists are trained in working with trauma.

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Jesse Harbaugh

Psychologist in Berlin

I aim to create a gentle and attuned therapeutic environment conducive to meaningful self-exploration.

Jennifer Barton

Humanistic and Integrative Therapist in Cork

As an online english and german speaking psychotherapist, my work focuses on supporting individuals in the navigation of chaos, trouble and suffering that everyday life entails.

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Nadia Marolda

Psychologist in Berlin

Couples and individuals counselling in English, French, German and Italian.

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Laura Brophy

Counsellor in Berlin

I do my best to be the change I seek to create for my clients – committed, compassionate and respectful – and treat the entire person, not just their problems.

Susanne Freytag

Counsellor and Couple Therapist in Berlin

I am a English and German speaking Counsellor, Therapist and Couples Coach in Berlin, helping people to work through difficult issues in their lives adding an opportunity to expand growth and personal development.

Offers Online Sessions

Brigitte Escobar Andersen

Psychotherapist in Copenhagen

Online or in-person psychotherapy.

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Nataliya Sidorenko

Psychoanalytically oriented psychologist in Berlin

I am psychoanalytically oriented psychologist from Russia.

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C Daniela Da Silva

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach in London Borough of Haringey

Your body remembers what your mind has forgotten.

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Justin Morris

Counsellor in Berlin

I am a US licensed therapist specialized in helping adolescents and adults overcome a variety of trauma and stress related issues including depression, anxiety, substance use and all types of addictions.

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Rahel Goenner

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Vélez-Málaga

As a psychonanlytic psychotherapist with intercultural expertise I support globally mobile individuals and their families from my online practice.

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