Gemma Autumn

Gemma Autumn

Integrative Counsellor

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95 € / session

Gemma Autumn

Integrative Counsellor in Berlin

Are you feeling anxious? Depressed? Low self-esteem? I offer therapeutic counselling using talking and creative therapy so you can plant the seeds of awareness and grow change in your life. *Available this week*

About Gemma

I (she/her) am a trained integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor, practising artist and energy worker. My training covered children, adolescent and adult treatments. This is important because so often when we are looking at our core wounds they are the conflicts of the inner child.

There are many different therapy approaches, but I believe healing occurs in the relationship between the client and the therapist, so when choosing a therapist, contact a few to see where it feels right for you.

My approach is integrative, which means I draw on many healing modalities depending on the needs of my client. I use talking therapy and creative interventions where they may lead to the release of emotional blocks or insight.

As an artist with a background in the corporate world, I can relate to those in the creative field and business. I work with those struggling with depression, attachment issues, abuse, emotional blocks, anxiety, family problems, insecurity, spiritual disconnection, psychedelic integration, grief, loss and low self-esteem.

I have also lived internationally in America, Qatar, Italy, Switzerland and Germany and can sympathise with the many challenges of living and working abroad.

I offer long-term work with clients, but have seen that the seeds of healing can be planted in the space of a few sessions.

My Approach

Each person is the expert on their own healing journey. My integrative approach takes the lead from clients on what they need as there is no one-therapy-fits-all method. This means that each session can be different depending on what comes up in the session.

As an integrative therapist I have various tools to draw from including creative art therapy, drama therapy and talking therapy. As a counsellor I am journeying with my clients. Given the right conditions, the body, mind and soul knows how to heal. Trees are always growing, but sometimes they need help to thrive.

Qualifications and Experience


2021: Wild Therapy, UK Various

2021: Master Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, London

2020: Level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Berlin

2019: PgDip in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from Terapia, London

2015: Certificate in Adult Counselling and Psychotherapy from Terapia, London


2016 - onwards: Working with adults and adolescents in schools and private settings in London and Berlin.

2018-2019: Counsellor working with adults and adolescents in London.

2017: Counsellor working with adults and five to eight-year-olds in London.




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