Maximiliano Jozami

Maximiliano Jozami

Lic. en Psicología

75 € / session

Focusing on diversity and the expat community. English & Spanish.

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75 € / session

Maximiliano Jozami

Lic. en Psicología in Berlin

Focused on diversity and the expat community, I'm a psychodynamic counselor, former University Professor, specialized in Anxiety, Depression, Life Crises, Grief, and Relationship Issues.

Germaniastraße  12099 Berlin Germaniastraße  12099 Berlin

About Maximiliano

My professional experience includes having been a University Professor (Research Methods in Psychology), as well as a Student Assistant (Anxiety Disorders and Public Health). I have published several academic articles on Psychology and Humanities, and have given academic presentations and courses in Germany, Israel, and Argentina. I am a member of the German Association of Psychologists (BDP, Graduiertes Mitglied) and the College of Psychologists of Santiago del Estero, Argentina (MP 520).

I am an Italian-Argentine professional (Lic. en Psicología, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, 2012) who has lived in different continents, currently living and working between Europe and South America (sessions are therefore online). Aside from my professional experience and training in psychology, I have a broad education in Humanities, particularly History and Literature.

My Approach

The psychodynamic perspective involves looking for the deeper causes of human suffering, trying to uncover them and changing our conscious and unconscious structures, including emotional and behavioral patterns. Scientific studies suggest that the resulting outcome is superior to other therapeutic approaches for many conditions and situations.

Since 2012, I have focused on working with patients who are going through life crises, relationship issues, anxiety, and/or want to deal with problematic aspects of their personalities.

Having lived in different continents and countries, my approach -which also has a strong humanistic influence- pays particular attention to diversity and the context in which we develop our daily life, making an effort to avoid reductionism(s).

Qualifications and Experience


2012 Lic. en Psicología (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)

2012-2013 Supervised Psychodynamic Instruction with Mg. Ma. Natalia Abdo


2012-Present: Private practice. Focus on patients who are experiencing life crises, relationship issues, anxiety, and/or want to deal with problematic aspects of their personalities.


English, Italian, Spanish


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