Sjaña Holloway, PhD

Sjaña Holloway, PhD


125 € / session

I am currently accepting clients for Online counseling. All in-office appointments are currently unavailable due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

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125 € / session

Sjaña Holloway, PhD

Therapist in Amsterdam

Hi! I’m a New Yorker, with US & Dutch licenses working internationally for 10+ yrs. I offer in-person, walk & talk, online therapy & coaching for individuals 18+, teams & consultations for organizations.

  1071 Amsterdam   1071 Amsterdam

About Sjaña Holloway, PhD

I combine Education, Training, and Psychology (E.T.P.) in my online & central Amsterdam based practice. I have clinical and corporate experience working with creatives, executives, and Everyday People.
I work with an Integrative set of therapy techniques. I use elements from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy (like Short-term Psychodynamic Supportive Therapy), System therapy, Solution-Focused, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. During the intake interview, we will discuss which complaints or problems you are experiencing.

My Approach

An individual’s needs, motivation and beliefs are central to personal development. When we understand ourselves in relation to the environments and situations we engage in every day we can begin to build, develop, and thrive. From my personal travels, life experience, research, and professional development I am comfortable with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Meaning, I am dedicated to being present, open, and working together.

Why should we work together? Some experiences and discoveries can happen in the presence of a professional, supportive person. My goal as a professional is to help you, expand your journey of self-exploration and self-expansion towards a life that is more fully and joyfully lived.

Qualifications And Experience


2014 PhD in Human behavior, performance and management. Technical University Eindhoven (TU/eindhoven)
2019 PhD CE seminar Holistic & Somatic Approach to Trauma. NYC Therapy Group
2019 PhD CE seminar Achieving Lasting Treatment Changes for Client with substance abuse and Co-occurring Disorders. Cape Cod Institute
2011 PhD training TU/Eindhoven Research School for Operations Management and Logistics
2010 PhD seminars interpersonal, group, and organizational processes Kurt Lewin Institute
2009 PhD training systems, complexity, and development. United Nations University (UNU MERIT)
2002 MSc in Health Psychology Leiden University


2016 - present Private practice in Amsterdam, NL




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