Wiebke Pausch

Wiebke Pausch

Art Therapist and Creative Coach

80 € / session

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

80 € / session

Wiebke Pausch

Art Therapist and Creative Coach in Berlin

My work is based on Creativity, Embodiment and Mindfulness, offering you a clear and warm-hearted support through challenging life situations and transitions, like midlife, separation and new beginnings.

Friedenstraße 62 10249 Berlin Friedenstraße 62 10249 Berlin

About Wiebke

My life and work is inspired by my love for creativity, meditation and exploration.

I left Germany when I was young and Iived abroad for nearly 30 years- discovering various ways of living in different european countries. These opportunities taught me over and over again to find home in myself and to widen my perspective on life.

Since 2016 I have been living with my daughter in Berlin.

My Approach

My approach is using the immediate embodied experience and creative tools to meet and explore whatever arises with respect and compassionate presence.

Body knowledge reveals deep insights into complex connections – old belief systems and ideas about ourselves become visible. Establishing an intimate contact with your body and mind helps you to develop a direct, authentic connection with yourself and others and to meet life with more ease and joy.

Sometimes we have no words for our feelings and suffering and there are moments when our inner experience can be expressed more easily through creative methods like colors, materials, movement and music.
Complex connections become visible, the perspective expands and new possibilities for action are opening up. The lived experiences during this process can then be transferred into everyday life.

Through Mindfulness and Self-Compassion you become aware of your needs and to learn to give yourself what you are deeply longing for.

Tools and Methods: Creative Art Therapy - BodyCentered Inquiry - Meditation
Mindful Self-Compassion.


Qualifications And Experience


2015: Training as a Mindful Self-compassion Teacher with Christopher T. Germer, Christine Brähler, Regula Saner, Hilde Steinhauser. Arbor Seminare, Germany https://centerformsc.org/
2011: Certified Art Therapist
2008 -2011: Training ARTTHERAPIE, Zukunftswerkstatt Therapie Kreativ in Waldkirch, Germany

Important Studies and Training:
u.lab: Leading Change in Times of Disruption
u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future
Finding Awakening , Christiane Michelberger
“Meditation and Psychotherapy”, Tara Brach
Seminare Körperzentrierte Herzensarbeit, Safi Nidiaye
Reiki / Essenzheilung
Non-Violent Communication, M. Rosenberg
5 Rhythm Dance, Gabrielle Roth


I have been accompanying people as an Art Therapist since 2008, offering individual sessions and group work in English, German and French.
2008 - 2016: Private practice in Prades, France
since 2017: Private practice in Berlin, Germany

I am guiding Workshops since 2011, combining Art Therapy and Mindfulness.

Since 2016 I am offering several times per year the Mindful Self-Compassion MSC Program in Berlin.

I have practiced meditation for the last 20 years, mainly in the Buddhist Tradition. I am guiding Silent Meditation Retreats since 2017.


English, French, German


Private Pay