Anne Ehrlich

Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in feminist psychotherapy for women.

I am certified in psychodynamic and systemic therapy and offer online therapy and counseling in some cases.


I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist (psychodynamic and systemic therapy) living and working in Berlin and offering feminist/women-centred therapy and counseling.

I am specialized in treating depression, anxiety, effects of sexual, physical and/or psychological violence and domestic abuse, psychosis and experiences with the psychiatric system, life crisis, identity crisis, existential crisis and women-specific issues like sexuality, body, self-harm, conflicts concerning social roles, pregnancy, motherhood

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My Approach

Feminist psychotherapy is based on the assumption that women in this world have specific life experiences that must be taken into account therapeutically. In conventional psychotherapies, suffering is often individualized; the social context of a male-dominated, capitalist and racist culture and its real influence on the psychological state is often ignored by the people who live and grow up in this culture. The consequence is constant confrontation by the feeling that "something is wrong with us" when we are overwhelmed, have crises, or develop "symptoms".

Feminist psychotherapy extends knowledge about the functioning of the human psyche to include knowledge about social contexts, which feminist analysis has been providing for decades with a sharp eye.

This double theoretical anchoring leads to a particularly broad view of women and their differing lives. A benevolent and strengthening view of oneself is enabled by the recognition of survival strategies, resistance, strength and the knowledge of our individual and collective abilities of growth.

My Qualifications


Training and licensure as Psychological Psychotherapist at the Institute for Psychological Psychotherapy and Counselling, PPT Berlin e.V.

Training in Systemic (Family) Therapy and Counselling at the Mannheimer Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie, Supervision und Weiterbildung, MAGST e.V., Heidelberg

Studied psychology at the Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg


Five years experience in psychotherapy.
Five years experience as a therapist in psychiatry (acute care unit and day clinic).
Two years providing outpatient family assistance.


English, German


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