Olga Coronado

Olga Coronado

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist

60 € / session

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60 € / session

Olga Coronado

Clinical Psychologist / Gestalt therapist in Berlin

Spanish and Catalan psychologist in Berlin.
Gestalt therapist with a gender perspective.
My main objective is that you find your own answers, solutions and resources to live a more conscious, healthy and happy life.

Reichenberger Straße 61a 10999 Berlin Reichenberger Straße 61a 10999 Berlin

About Olga

I am a psychologist and Gestalt therapist. My specialty is gender issues.

I am interested in topics such as identity, the weight of the context, the importance of language, aesthetic pressure, the myths of romantic love, having (or not having) a partner, being (or not being) a mother and the different burdens and oppressions to which we are subject to.
Although in reality we work in consultation all those things that concern you and that are hindering your well-being.
On a personal level, I am curious, enthusiastic and active. I love my work and I put a lot of passion into all the projects I do.

My Approach

When I studied Psychology, I realized that a cognitive behavioral approach was not enough to understand everything that happens to us inside. Hence, I have sought other orientations that have helped me to have a more holistic perspective of the human being, such as Gestalt, the systemic approach and the gender perspective.


Qualifications And Experience


2016 Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt Mediterráneo Psychotherapy and Training. Palma Mallorca.
2011 Family and Systemic Constellations. Institut Gestalt. Palma Mallorca.
1998 Postgraduate Intervention for minors and families in situations of social difficulty. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
1997 Degree in Psychology. Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I have received different training in Gender Violence, Couples Therapy, Substance Addiction and Mental Disorders, Strategic Brief Therapy, Parental Interferences, Drug Dependence and Gender Perspective.


2016 Terapia Gestalt. Gestalt Mediterráneo Psicoterapia y Formación. Palma.
2011 Constelaciones familiares y sistémicas. Institut Gestalt. Palma.
1998 Postgrado Intervención menores y familias en situación de dificultad social. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
1997 Licenciatura en Psicología. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

He recibido diferentes formaciones en Violencia de género, Terapia de pareja, Adicción a sustancias y trastornos mentales, Terapia breve estratégica, Interferencias Parentales, Drogodependencia y perspectiva de género.


In the last years I have worked as a Psychologist and Gestalt Therapist on a private level in Palma and in Berlin.

For 15 years I have worked as coordinator in different social entities (Fundació Pere Tarrés, Fundació Salut i Comunitat i Fundació Ires) coordinating projects on gender violence, intra-gender violence and childhood and families in situations of social vulnerability. I have directed a reception service for women and children who have suffered gender violence and I have coordinated meeting points and family mediation services in the Balearic Islands.
I have given different training courses aimed at health and social professionals in detection and intervention in gender violence, young people on myths of romantic love and prevention of gender violence, and women on sexuality and self-esteem.


En los últimos años he trabajado como Psicóloga y Terapeuta Gestalt a nivel privado en Palma y en Berlín.

Durante 15 años he trabajado como coordinadora en diferentes entidades sociales (Fundació Pere Tarrés, Fundació Salut i Comunitat i Fundació Ires) coordinando proyectos en violencia de género, violencia intragénero e infancia y familias en situación de vulnerabilidad social. He dirigido un servicio de acogida para mujeres e hijxs que han sufrido violencia de género y he coordinado Puntos de encuentro y servicios de mediación familiar en Baleares.
He impartido diferentes formaciones dirigidas a profesionales del ámbito sanitario y social en detección e intervención en violencia de género, a jóvenes sobre mitos del amor romántico y prevención de la violencia de género, y a mujeres sobre sexualidad y autoestima.


Catalan, Spanish


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