María Eugenia Pereyra

María Eugenia Pereyra

Clinical Psychologist

50 € / session

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50 € / session

María Eugenia Pereyra

Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

I am a psychologist in Spanish. My task is to support, contain and provide tools so that people can visualize what are the obstacles they are going through at different stages of their lives.

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About María Eugenia

My name is María Eugenia, I am 28 years old, I am Uruguayan and I am currently living in Berlin.
I am a Psychologist and I am offering my services as a therapist through this platform to all Spanish-speaking communities that are in the city and wish to begin the journey of self-knowledge through therapy.

My Approach

My studies were completed at the University of the Republic of Montevideo (UDELAR) and I have completed several courses and training in the area of ​​Music Therapy in Argentina, Buenos Aires.
I have been in coordination of family groups and carers of people with Alzheimer's (AUDAS) and in a mental health rehabilitation center in Montevideo, Uruguay. (South Palermo).
My vision and action of the psychoanalytic clinic is contemporary. We live in a world where everything is ephemeral, everything is permeable, and at various times of the day we move, talk, and perform activities by inertia, without stopping to think what we are feeling, what is it that crosses us and makes us transform and transform the other. When I talk about “what goes through us” I refer to the little things in life, to a look, to a conversation, to the enjoyment of everyday things. When we come into contact with oneself, it is when we rethink ourselves so that we can continue to be aware of our sufferings, anguishes and also of our joys and vital projects. In the clinic it is where we can emerge and manage to capture these fleeting moments to be able to appropriate them every day and achieve greater mental, bodily and emotional health.
The structure of the sessions varies depending on each person and situations. Each individual has their times and routes. Given the aforementioned training in some situations, the musical tool can be introduced as a means to address certain problems.

Qualifications And Experience


2011-2018 Licenciada en Psicología - Universidad de la República (UDELAR) – Montevideo
2018-actualmente Maestría En Psicología Clínica y de la Salud - Universidad Europea del Atlántico.
2019 Curso "Asistente de Recursos Humanos con Pasantía Profesional” Identifica Capital Humano.
2019 Pasantía en Centro de Rehabilitación SUR PALERMO. SURPA, Montevideo, Uruguay.
2018 Formación en Abordaje Plurimodal Musicoterapia - ADIM (Asistencia desarrollo e investigación en Musicoterapia) – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 Taller “Introducción a las técnicas proyectivas” Dirigido por Lic. Fernanda Giamberini
2017 Curso de Formación permanente “Estudio y abordaje de las problemáticas familiares complejas desde un enfoque social comunitario”. Instituto de Psicología Social (UDELAR)..
2016 Jornada de Músicoterapia: “Aportes específicos para el tratamiento interdisciplinario de los Trastornos del Espectro Autista” - Instituto Universitario Escuela de Medicina del Hospital Italiano. Dpto. de Posgrado (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
2015 Recursos en Músicoterapia - Instituto Somos sonidos - Montevideo, Uruguay.


In 2018 I have been offering my services in the clinic area in Montevideo, Uruguay.
I have also been in coordination of groups of family members and carers of people with Alzheimer's (AUDAS) and in a mental health rehabilitation center in Montevideo, Uruguay. (South Palermo).




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