Ellen Schlassa

Ellen Schlassa

Psychologist, Psychotherapist (HPG), Psychological Psychotherapist (in training) and Coach

100 € / session

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100 € / session

Ellen Schlassa

Psychologist, Psychotherapist (HPG), Psychological Psychotherapist (in training) and Coach in Berlin

I combine CBT & schema therapy to help you understand yourself and your challenges better. Improving the relationship to ourselves, strengthens us to face challenges in the outside more easily.

Greifenhagener Straße 52 10437 Berlin Greifenhagener Straße 52 10437 Berlin

About Ellen

After finishing 2016 my master in psychology, I started to attend psychotherapy-school in Berlin, where I am currently getting trained in CBT. In addition I joined a post-gradual master program at University of Bern in Switzerland. The post-gradual master is focusing on a "general therapy approach", including everything that has proven itself as helpful within the different therapy approaches (e.g. activating resources, therapeutic relationship, motivational clearing,..).

During my training to be a psychological psychotherapist I worked for half a year at Charité Berlin specializing on affective disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder,..) as well as one year in an anthroposophic clinic specializing on psychosomatic-disorders. Since 2018 I work in an ambulant practice offering therapy through the psychotherapy-school. At the beginning of 2020 I received my license to work as a psychotherapist according to the "Heilpraktikergesetz" (HPG). Since then I offer coaching, counselling and therapy on private pay.

In my work I create a room for a trustful and authentic relationship that allows to share feelings, to express needs, to activate resources, to strenghten the relationship to yourself and to find new solutions. I offer a wide range of techniques from CBT to emotion-focused techniques to schema-therapy.

My Approach

Working as a therapist and coach I noticed that when we get stuck in an unpleasant situation or express symptoms (e.g. reduced sleep quality, depressed mood, low self-esteem..), it´s always a good idea to look closer at the current strategies we are using as well as the feelings (e.g. anxiety, sadness,..) and assumptions (e.g. believes about us or the world) behind. Most strategies, that we consciously or subconsciously use, are a result of early experiences in life. My work focusses on getting to know yourself better, to strengthen the relationship to yourself and therefore to create more freedom to choose more helpful and self-accepting strategies when facing challenges in life. This can change the way we feel, think and behave with ourselves and others.

Qualifications And Experience


2013 B.Sc. Psychology at University of Mannheim, Germany

2016 M.Sc. Psychology at University of Giessen, Germany

Since 2016 Psychological Psychologist in Training (CBT) in Berlin, Germany

2020 License as Psychotherapist (HeilprG) in Berlin, Germany


2016 - 2017 Psychological Psychotherapist in Training at a Station for Affective Disorders (Charité Berlin)

2017-2018 Psychological Psychotherapist in Training at a Station for Psychosomatic Disorders (Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe, Berlin)

Since 2018 Psychological Psychotherapist in Training in ambulant practice (Berlin)

Since 2020 Psychotherapist (HeilprG) in a private practice (Berlin)


English, German


Private Pay