María Ferrara

María Ferrara

Multidisciplinary Gestalt Facilitator

60 € / session

50 € / Unemployed, students and similar.

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60 € / session

María Ferrara

Multidisciplinary Gestalt Facilitator in Berlin

Support and skills development to face circumstantial, emotional and existential challenges. Facilitation of each person's individual journey from awareness to action. ENG/SP. Berlin and online.

Allerstraße 12 12049 Berlin Allerstraße 12 12049 Berlin

About María

(she pronouns)
My passionate curiosity about human nature and how humans do this thing called life is at the root of my three careers (Gestalt facilitator, physical actress, yoga teacher), which complement each other synergistically.

I was raised between Spanish and English languages and cultures and have lived in different countries. I am used to change and to starting from scratch.

I know the feeling of not fitting in and have gone through the process of finding, trusting and loving my own path. I am convinced that every person feels most at peace, personally and socially, when their life is a manifestation of what makes them thrive. The people I work with are often making non-normative choices for their lives or breaking away from expectations to attend to their own needs.

(pronombre: ella)
Siento una curiosidad apasionada por la naturaleza humana y por cómo los humanos hacemos esto que llamamos vida. Esta pasión es la raíz de mis tres profesiones (facilitadora Gestalt, actríz de teatro físico y profesora de yoga), que se complementan de manera sinérgica.

He crecido entre dos lenguas y culturas -española e inglesa- y he vivido en diferentes países. Estoy habituada al cambio y a comenzar desde cero.

Conozo el sentimiento de no encajar y he atravesado el proceso de encontrar mi camino, confiar en él y amarlo. Estoy convencida de que todas las personas se sienten más en paz, personal y socialmente, cuando su vida es una manifestación de aquello que les hace vibrar. Las personas con las que trabajo a menudo están eligiendo de manera no normativa en sus vidas o están dejando atrás las expectativas para atender a sus necesidades.

Utilizo el pronombre ella.

My Approach

The sessions are a private, confidential and safe space in which you can receive support and nurture your development at your own pace. I respond to you in order to foster what is wanting to emerge and I do NOT use a predesigned blueprint that you have to follow.

I frame the work with a Gestalt therapy approach, using active listening and mirroring so that you can broaden your perspective of the situation and of yourself. I support your potential to assume the responsibility and the freedom of living your life.

I use different methods depending on your needs and what works better for you:
- Movement, voice and acting exercises to connect the physical, emotional and mental planes.
- Improvisation practices to train being in the now and letting go of past conditioning and future expectations.
- Yoga and meditation techniques to foster your capactiy to sustain complicated emotions and listen to yourself.

I see any person that undertakes a personal development process as someone who wants to learn more about themselves and do what they are. I have great respect for this courage and dedication and I frame the work as a horizontal collaboration between two equals with different roles.

Qualifications And Experience


2012 - Gestalt Therapy Specialization - Group Processes - Madrid.
2008 - Gestalt Therapy - EMGT - Madrid.
2007 - Yoga Teacher Training - Advanced - Madrid.
2004 - Yoga Teacher Training - Basic - Madrid.
1999 - Acting - Estudio Juan Carlos Corazza, Madrid.

Since 1992 - ongoing courses in dance, clowning, voice, somatics, improvisation, laughter therapy.


*Since 2009
One-to-one personal development sessions.

Personal development for underprivileged adolescents. Voluntary work within the school context.

Workshops for groups (The Educational Value of Humour, Emotional Education, Playing for Wellness) with different organizations, including Ongoing Education Services for teachers in the Spanish State Education System.


English, Spanish


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