Nicolás Lorenzini

Nicolás Lorenzini

Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist, Doctor in Psychology

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100 € / session

Nicolás Lorenzini

Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist, Doctor in Psychology in Berlin

Therapy in English or Español. Adults & Adolescents. Expertise in depression, anxiety, attachment, mentalizing, personality & Lacanian Psychoanalysis. From Chile, trained at UCL London. Contact me if any questions.

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About Nicolás

I am a Clinical Psychologist born in Chile. I obtained my masters and doctorate at UCL and the Anna Freud Centre in London. 10 years of experience with adults and adolescents, which I keep really close to my scientific work. I specialise in depression, anxiety, attachment and personality disorders.
As a therapist in Germany working in other languages, I know personally and professionally about both the happiness and suffering of us who have emigrated.
My idea is to provide people with a warm space of understanding, while I strive to offer scientifically sound evidence-based approaches to psychological suffering. This means balancing patients' needs and personalities to current science, and to my own personality and expertise.

In addition to my clinical practice, I am Research Fellow at University College London and Lecturer at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin. I am researcher at Open Door YPS in London and guest researcher at the Millennium Institute for Depression and Personality in Santiago, Chile. I direct the English, Spanish and Chinese training for clinicians in attachment, as board member of the International Attachment Network and AIEDEM.

Soy psicólogo clínico chileno. Obtuve mi Masters y Doctorado en UCL y el Anna Freud Centre, Londres. Tengo 10 años de experiencia con adultos y adolescentes, la cual enriquezco constantemente con mi trabajo científico. Me he especializado en depresión, ansiedad, apego y trastornos de la personalidad.
Como psicoterapeuta en Alemania trabajando en otros idiomas, conozco personal y profesionalmente acerca de la felicidad y el sufrimiento de quienes hemos emigrado.

Ofrezco un espacio cómodo y amigable para facilitar la autoexploración, mientras dirijo tratamientos basados en la evidencia. Es decir, balanceo tres cosas: las necesidades y personalidades particulares de mis pacientes, la ciencia actual y mi propia personalidad y experiencia.


My Approach

My approach is tailored to the individual and their goals. Firstly my aim is to provide a safe, non-judgemental space to think and feel about thoughts and feelings. It does make a difference when facing conflicts in relationships, trouble at work, loss, loneliness, trauma or mental illness.

I know the importance of creating a warm relationship of trust for the success of all psychotherapies. I also know that for many, coming to therapy is not easy: it is hard emotional work and it takes valuable time (and it isn't cheap!), so it is only fair that I offer my patients with interventions that have solid scientific background. I understand current suffering as rooted both in the past and in present circumstances, especially around our loved ones.

I usually work individually, in person or online. Though sometimes it is necessary to work with another member of the family (partner, parent). I work one or more times a week, depending on my patients' needs. I am psychoanalyst and also a scientific psychologist, a mixture that is distinctive in my work.

So, depending on each case, I work as a psychoanalyst, or a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, or as an attachment-focused therapist, or as a mentalization-based therapist, or as a dynamic interpersonal therapist, an APT therapist, etc. There is no "one size fits all" in psychotherapy, and I think that the best skill a therapist could have is flexibility, as people are all unique. Same in terms of time: some people prefer long-term work, others prefer time-limited work. Some benefit from seeing a therapist once a week, some more, some less.

Overall, I believe psychotherapy aims at relieving suffering and increasing wellbeing. And my methods, based on psychoanalysis, are oriented in that direction.

A video on one type of therapy:

Qualifications And Experience


2000-2003: Bachelor in Psychology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

2004-2005: Specialty in Clinical Psychology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

2006-2007: Diploma in Psychoanalysis and Health. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

2010: Fellow of the Research Training Programme of the International Psychoanalytic Association

2010-2011: Master of Sciences in Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies. University College London

2011-2012: Master of Philosophy. Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology. University College London

2011-2015: Doctor (PhD)in Psychology. University College London


2004: Voluntary clinical psychologist at the Vicaría de la Esperanza Joven, Santiago de Chile

2005: Academic Assistant. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

2005: Clinical Internship at the Psychiatric Clinic of El Salvador Hospital. Santiago de Chile

2005-2006: Clinical Psychologist of the Psychoanalytic Adolescence Unit, El Salvador Hospital, Santiago de Chile

2006: Academic Assistant. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

2006-2008: Chief of Psychological Unit and Chief of Unit for Mood Disorders. Centre of Public Primary Health Care Dr. Juan 
Carlos Baeza Bustos, San Clemente, Chile

2010-2011: Research consultant for Community Housing and Therapy, London, UK

2011-2013: Care worker for psychotic patients. London, UK

2013: Methodological Consultant to Barnet and Enfield Mental Health NHS Trust. London, UK

2011-2013: Honorary Research Psychologist of the Developmental Neuropsychological Unit at the Anna Freud Centre. London, UK

2014: Seminar tutor. University College London. UK

2013: Research Assistant. University College London, University of Cambridge, Anna Freud Centre, and the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. London, UK

2011-2017: Assistant to Professor Peter Fonagy. University College London. UK

2015-2017. Researcher. University College London, UK

2015 – 2017: Consultant to EDAI Catalonia

2016 - current: Research Psychologist and psychotherapist for Open Door YPS, London

2017: Research and Communications Officer. University College London

2017-2018: Global Rights and Product Manager for Giunti Psychometrics. Florence, Italy.

2018 - current: Research fellow of the Millenium Institute for Depression and Personality (MIDAP), Santiago, Chile

2018-current: Psychotherapist in Berlin, Germany

2019-current: Postdoctoral Research Fellow. University College London, UK

2019 - current: Reader at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin

2019 - current: Technical Director of online training of the International Attachment Network (IAN). London, UK.

2019 - current: Academic Director of Spanish language online training of the International Attachment Network (IAN). London, UK.

2020 - current: Director of Diploma on Mentalizing, AIEDEM.


English, Spanish


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