Kemoy jemmott

Psychodynamic Counsellor

My approach is intersectional and informed by Queer theory, Feminism and sex and body positivity movements. I believe that openness and curiosity are important to gain a fuller understanding of the clients experience.


In my free time I am typically delving into random niche topics on youtube, reading science fiction and watching crime dramas.
I enjoy attempting to make vegan pastries, riding my bike and generally being in nature.

I'm originally from New York City and I have lived in a few different metropolitan cities across the world. I have been very privilidged to do so and to have been able to access the education that I have. I believe that this life experience informs my counselling work and is apparent in the way I engage with my clients.

My Approach

I am a first generation American who is also Black, Queer and Cis-gendered and these intersections are the lens through which I view my work. My approach is intersectional and informed by Queer theory, Feminism, sex and body positivity movements and is sex worker friendly.

My approach is uniquely informed by my education, clinical work and my personal experiences. My training was in Psychodynamic Counselling which means that there is a slight focus on how early childhood experiences and relationships to caregivers may have unconsciously affected how we think, feel about ourselves and relate to others. For me a significant part of therapeutic work is the relationship between Therapist and Client. This is why I attempt to build trust and provide a safer space for my clients to feel heard and understood. I do this through empathic listening, reflection and validation of the client's feelings. I see these as powerful tools in the process of healing; tools that will empower a client to explore unconscious thought patterns, beliefs, behaviors and emotions. I understand that clients' experiences in life are distinctive and require individual care. I do not believe that there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to Counselling which is why I enjoy integrating aspects of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques as well as other approaches into my clinical work according to the needs of the client.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to join you on your journey towards better mental health and overall wellness. I work in English and primarily 1-1.
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My Qualifications


Certificate in Psychosexual Studies (2017-2018)
MA Counselling- Goldsmiths University of London (2016- 2018)
BA Psychology and Sexual Health- State University of New York College at Potsdam (2009-2013)


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