Katrin Schuy

Katrin Schuy

Psychologist and Systemic Therapist

78 € / session

110 € / Couples therapy (90 min)

700 € / 10x50 Systemic therapy

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Sun May 31
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78 € / session

Katrin Schuy

Psychologist and Systemic Therapist

I am a psychologist and systemic therapist who works with men, women, couples and families. I have a solution-oriented and client-centered approach that sees each client as an individual that needs individual care.
Frieda-Rosenthal-Straße 21 10318 Berlin Frieda-Rosenthal-Straße 21 10318 Berlin

About Katrin

My name is Katrin Schuy and I’m a psychologist. I have specialized in clinical psychology and completed a three-year training as a systemic individual and couples therapist. I have been offering psychotherapy and counseling for several years for very different problem areas. As a systemic therapist, my special fields are relationships: problems, ambivalences, conflicts, separation, affairs, and healing from them, open relationships, polyamory, loneliness,... Apart from my professional identity as a psychologist, I am also a mother, wife, girlfriend, a rather lousy but enthusiastic dancer, book fan, and a fan of Netflix series.

My Approach

I see each client as an individual with strengths and resources. My task is to show you how to access these resources (again). We all climb our mountain: everybody has their own techniques. My qualifications and training have given me useful tools to climb more efficiently. I am more than willing to share these tools with you. Counselling can be an opportunity to create change in ourselves, our relationships, and our lives. Sometimes, unresolved issues from our past contribute to our current emotions, thoughts, and relationships. Understanding how our past experiences have shaped who we are today allows us to understand why we react with our particular style and actively take control of our lives. With this depth of understanding, people are able to make a lasting change which means a more fulfilling life. If you want to know more about me and my approach, feel free to visit my website: www.systemische-therapie-berlin.net.

Qualifications And Experience


MSc. in clinical psychology and behavioral therapy Systemic Individual, Couples and Family Therapy (licensed by DGSF) Training in ACT Training in EMDR Training in Hypnosis Training in Online-Therapy Scientific Research (Charite Berlin)


English, German


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