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Maria Lolo


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70 € / session

Maria Lolo

Psychologist in Germany

My background in Neuropsychology and my training in body-oriented techniques have allowed me to develop an approach that tends to psychological, physical and spiritual needs.

Braunschweiger Straße 22 12055 Germany Braunschweiger Straße 22 12055 Germany

About Maria

After finishing my Masters in Neuropsychology, I directed my focus to mental health. However, I was disappointed with the limited number of psychological practices that integrated the mental, physical and spiritual elements of the individual.

The propeller for me adopting a holistic method to mental health was my own ongoing personal inner exploration; awakened by a bike accident that led to months of recovery and rehabilitation. I had no choice but to stop, pause, reflect and face uncharted territory.

Since this chapter, I have come to understand many things about the body, discovering how similar to our minds they store memories, feelings and tension. Everything is connected and manifests into how we physically move and carry ourselves. Finding how to unlock this was my next step, so I started training in body centred techniques.

Moving to Berlin, was when I started creating my manifesto, of a holistic approach to Counselling and a space that would act as a hub for like-minded projects; Ōsmos.

My Approach

I work with clients experiencing a spectrum of emotional, behavioural, relational and physical imbalances. With a special focus on major life transitions, queer matters, and attachment difficulties.

The process will involve us exploring the beliefs you hold about yourself, others and the world. We will see how these beliefs affect not only your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour but also how your body feels and moves. By weaving theoretical and practical knowledge, we will work towards increasing your connection to your body, and towards creating habits and beliefs aligned with who you are or who you would like to become. Therefore, creating a more holistic sense of self.

I will support you, from our first meeting, in identifying resources, so you feel safe within your skin as well as past and present experiences. Following an integrative approach, our work together will involve a combination of verbal communication, somatic awareness and movement exercises, and, if we both consider it appropriate, bodywork.

Qualifications And Experience


2018 - Trauma sensitive bodywork intensive weekend training
2017 - Chi Nei Tsang massage training, Thai Hand Berlin
2016 - Master of Science in Clinical Neuropsychology, Leiden University
2012 - 5-year Bachelors degree in Psychology, Universidad de Salamanca


2017 - today
Private practice as a psychologist and Chi Nei Tsang masseuse in Berlin
2015 - 2016
Research assistant intern at the Research Institute of Child Development and Education, University of Amsterdam (NL)
2013 - 2014
Worked hand in hand with a family whose son had recently been diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taiby Syndrome. Developing and implementing, together with a team of professionals, a programme to improve his physical, behavioural, social, and emotional development.


English, Spanish


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