Phili Stöveken

Phili Stöveken


if you are interested, just message me :) (note: if none of the time slots suit your schedule, we can arrange a time via message!)

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

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Phili Stöveken

Psychologist in Berlin

i am a bachelor of science psychology graduate from vrije universiteit amsterdam. further, I see my (sexual) identity as rather fluid and am currently most comfortably identified as queer.

Wiener Straße 46 10999 Berlin Wiener Straße 46 10999 Berlin

About Phili

hello everyone!

my name is phili (they, them) and i am a bachelor of science psychology graduate from vrije universiteit amsterdam. further, I see my (sexual) identity as rather fluid and am currently most comfortably identified as queer.

my queer identity and personal experiences, in addition to my studies, have given me a great deal of insight into the diverse and complex field of queer trauma and struggles related to being queer in the broadest sense.
i myself grew up in a small town in the south of germany, and for many years disguised my sexuality out of what now appears as blatant shame. finally taking the courage to 'come out' as gay to my family and friends has liberated me and my personal exploration like nothing else has ever before. i made many experiences with other queer people during my studies in amsterdam, and i always saw myself naturally 'sliding' into a kind of therapist's role.
thus, i believe one of my biggest passions is to be listening to people's stories and helping them overcome trauma.

My Approach

i believe in the power of truly listening. I believe in the idea that if everyone had someone in our lives who truly listens to our struggles, without judgment, we would live in a dramatically different world. from a theoretical perspective, the humanistic approach to psychotherapy resonates most with me.


before you contact me, you should know that i am still a beginner in psychological counseling and haven’t undergone sufficient training in order to be an officially licensed therapist. my experience mostly comes from my bachelor’s degree in psychology, my personal experiences (as a queer person) navigating this (straight) world, and a student counseling group that i was part of during my studies. if you are mainly looking for someone to listen to you and give some personal input as well as relate your situation to a good foundation of scientific knowledge, then i would be happy to help you. if you are suffering from very severe mental problems (like severe depression or severe addiction) and you think you need acute, intensive, and professional care, then i am afraid I don’t feel equipped enough yet to give you the care you need.
in any case, i would be very happy to listen to your situation in a first (free) test session, after which we can decide if we are a good fit and if i can offer what you need. if you are in a financially unstable situation, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can find a price that works for both of us.

looking forward to hearing from you, and stay safe! x

ps: i am available for sessions in english and german. now also available for face-to-face sessions at my office.

|| topics i feel comfortable and equipped to tackle with you: queer trauma, coming-out, sex, polygamy, polyamory, kink & bdsm, relationships, mood, family, parties & drugs, chemsex, jealousy, always feel free to approach me about other topics as well ||

Qualifications And Experience


2020 bachelor of science psychology vrije universiteit amsterdam, netherlands
2019 exchange korea university, seoul, republic or korea


2018-2020 co-founder of weSHARE, a student-organized psychological support and counseling group

2015-2016 voluntary program as a paramedic at 'deutsches rotes kreuz' (german red cross), operated an ambulance car and assisted medical emergency staff


English, German


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