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Sophie Frost


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85 € / session

Sophie Frost

Psychotherapist in Berlin

Hi, I'm Sophie Frost a psychotherapist, writer, educator and founder of The Primrose Practice with over 10 years experience working in the field of recovery and mental health.

Borsigstraße 28A 10115 Berlin Borsigstraße 28A 10115 Berlin

About Sophie

People often ask me how I came to do what I do. It is not an easy question to answer, but like any good story there is always a beginning. I have been living through losses, transitions and questions of identity since I was born. I see the work that I do not as a career but as a calling. From day one of my life I was immersed in the world of mental health. The questions of psychological healing and how to live a good life with and inspite of ourselves are the questions that preoccupy me daily in my own journey to discover myself and understand the life that I am living as well as with each individual and couple I am priviledged to work with.

After I finished my clinical training and Masters in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the world renowed Tavistock and Portman Trust in North London, I embarked on my most recent migration to the city of Berlin in Germany where I am currently working with couples and individuals as a psychotherapist in private practice. I founded The Primrose Practice in 2011 to work with uprooted people who have come from all over the world and ask me, for all sorts of unique and varying reasons, when the lonely suffering becomes too much, to accompany them on a different kind of migration, the migration within the uncharted territory of their emotional landscape.

My Approach

My solitary office is the setting for the work. Week after week, for as long as you want, we will sit in that room together and open the door on the repetitive groans and varying frequencies of the whale song within. I consider the shared journey to be a gift of intimacy, a privilege that I don’t take lightly, the chance to be a part of an intimacy that is simply impossible by its very nature even in the closest of relationships with family and friends. There are things that can be said and talked about in my office that can never be mentioned anywhere else.

Beneath the immediacy of the issues and symptoms that people are struggling with, each one of us carries with us an explanation of ourselves. Sometimes it is buried or hidden or out of reach for good reason but slowly we will work together to unravel these histories and experiences and find out their meanings and expressions. Through this process there will be an opportunity for the forgotten to emerge, grief to transform and the healing of human connection to be felt.

I realise that behind each one of my client's sufferings, the unique difficulties are as varied and complex as the mind itself. What I offer is not a quick, one size fits all fix, but a treatment tailored to each individual, based in my extensive personal and professional training and clinical experience.

Qualifications And Experience


Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie
MA in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy-The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust
Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy-The Minster Center


The Primrose Practice (Berlin)
2011 - Present
Founder, Writer, Educator and Head Therapist
A private practice started in London and moving to Berlin specializing in mental health treatment and education for the expat community.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation
Psychotherapist in Training
A public mental health foundation in North London specializing in talking therapies.

The Recover Clinic (London)
April 2009- July-2012
Senior Therapist
An outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.

Life Works Community (London)
June 2007-Feb 2009
Clinical Support
A treatment centre specializing in addiction and other severe mental health related issues.

Amina Scheme (London)
July 2007 – July 2008
Support Worker
A project specifically supporting and educating women who had been the victim of sexual violence.

Sin Fronteras (Mexico City)
July 2005-December 2005
Volunteer Support Worker
Internship in Mexico for a human rights an organization dedicated to the mental health and advocacy of immigrants and refugees.




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