Antonia Gruber

Antonia Gruber

Sex and Relationship Therapist, Psychotherapist (HPG)

80 € / session

80 € / 60 Minutes Single

100 € / 60 Minutes Couple

95 € / 75 Minutes Single

125 € / 75 Minutes Couple

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

80 € / session

Antonia Gruber

Sex and Relationship Therapist, Psychotherapist (HPG) in Berlin

Narrowness may turn into width, superficiality into depth, fear may turn into courage, aversion into curiosity, uncertainty into trust and love may expand.

Raumerstraße 21 10437 Berlin Raumerstraße 21 10437 Berlin

About Antonia

I'm glad you're here.
I'm Antonia, a passionate listener and coach. My own history has led me to set out for a quest. For a search that turned out to be a path. A path that challenges me, again and again, that makes me grounded and fly again, that makes me recognize and explore, fall, and rise again.
I want to pass on all my experiences to accompany people on their way, to experience authentic relationships, to embrace themselves lovingly and to live a lively and ecstatic life.

My Approach

My approach is to support people and couples in challenging phases of life and to accompany change processes. In a protected space, it is possible to dive deeper into one's own wishes and needs to recognize and change one's own attitude and behaviour. I accompany people to bring light into relational dynamic entanglements in order to walk through life more satisfied, energetic and happy again.
From my own experience I know that, after knowledge and insight, the biggest hurdle in life is change.
Often we stand in our own light or give ourselves completely over to our fears and doubts.
I show my clients a way to leave the heaviness behind and to decide on a new life full of courage, ease and pleasure.
I attach great importance to making life and relationships authentic and lively. From my point of view, all "unwanted" feelings like pain, sadness and anger are as much a part of life as joy, love and orgasms.

Qualifications And Experience


2015 - Systemic structural and family constellations (Ekkehard Dehmel)
2016 - Alternative Practitioner (Samuel- Hahnemannschule - Berlin)
2016 - Bodywork according to Karlfried -Graf Dürckheim
2017 - Yoga teacher (Green Yoga India, Spirit Yoga Berlin)
2019 - Sex, Relationship and Couple Therapist (Institute for Relational Dynamics)
2019 - Somatic Experiencing, Dami Charf


since 2019 - own practice for sexual, relationship and couple therapy


English, German


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