Stefan Passvogel

Stefan Passvogel

M. Sc. Psychology, Hypnotherapist (MEG, DVH, NLP)

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90 € / session

Stefan Passvogel

M. Sc. Psychology, Hypnotherapist (MEG, DVH, NLP) in Munich

I assist clients to change maladaptive and resisting behavior with an eclectic framework mainly based on hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a scientific proven short-term therapy, that uses the mind's ability for placidity.

Jahnstraße 35 80469 Munich Jahnstraße 35 80469 Munich

About Stefan

I was born in Munich as the middle child with two siblings. After school, I studied (astro)physic with the goal to explore the widths of the universe. I changed my career of the bachelor degree out of the passion doing work directly with people and started my psychology diploma at the university of Tübingen. At the same time I assisted over several years in different hypnotherapy curricula and learned directly from the best hypnotherapist of Europe (Milton Erickson Foundation, Deutscher Verband für Hypnose, Society of NLP). In one of the organizations (MEG), I’m a lecturer in hypnotherapy on my own today.

I’m trained in CBT, Gestalt Therapy, EMDR and systemic therapy as part of my diploma, but I mostly focus on hypnotherapy interventions. Furthermore, I have collected over 10 years of experience in Buddhist Meditation, that also strongly influence my style of therapy. My main goal is to provide a heart- centered place, where people feel safe and protected.

My Approach

I believe in creating a thoroughly safe and warm environment in coaching/therapy, where clients can be radically honest and experience relief, understanding and healing. This creates the right basis to become bigger than the own circumstances and to evolve and grow past the problems you are currently experiencing.

On the one hand I adopt a “scientist-practitioner” approach, meaning that our work is informed by empirical research. On the other hand and in the words of C.G. Jung, “for every patient you would have to invent a new form of therapy”, every therapy is custom-made.

I believe all 'maladaptive behaviors', whether manifested in one's life through stress, isolation, addiction, depression, anxiety or various 'disorders' (eg. personality or eating disorders), are merely creative adjustments to one's environment. Often, these “waking up call” help us to reassess our deep inner core and our sense of coherence. The science of positive psychology furthermore shape my style of work, which is strongly resource-orientated.

Coaching: Stop Smoking, allergy, weight reduction, Flirting and Self-esteem
Therapy: Attachment Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, etc.

Qualifications And Experience


2020 MSc Psychologiy at the University of Tübingen
2012 – 2016 NLP-Trainer, NLP-Master, NLP-Coach (Society of NLP)
2014 -2016 Curriculum Hypnotherapie (Milton Erickson Gesellschaft)
2013 -2015 Coaching with private praxis in Munich
2007 – 2008 Hypnotherapie (Deutscher Verband für Hypnose)
2008 BSc Physics at the LMU Munich


Since 2019 Lecturer at the ISM and FOM University
2018-2019 Business Consultant
2016-2018 Coach with a private praxis in Munich


English, German


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