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How do I make the best use of the online booking system?

Even when you’re doing therapy or stopped working for the day, clients might want to book in a session with you. By using It’s Complicated’s free online booking system, clients can browse through the times you have available and book an appointment without waiting for your reply.

Furthermore, It's Complicated provides you with a booking widget which is a simple piece of that you can add to your private homepage or your blog, so your clients can easily book a time with you, no matter how they've found you. The widget is a simple way to turn profile views into actual bookings, and can save you a lot of time, since it circumvents the usual back-and-forth messaging of booking in a session.

How to install the widget

In your dashboard, go to Share your profile —> Explore Widgets. Here you can choose to display the widgets for your calendar only, profile only, or calendar and profile. Then you simply copy the code and paste it on your homepage. Whether you have a Wordpress site or a Weebly or Wix homepage, you open your website backend, find an element for implementing the widget code, and the paste the copied code into the element. Voila! Clients will now be easily and instantly able to book a session with you.

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