How are your employees doing?

If most people have at least some issues, and your company depends on your people, it’s a good idea to offer them the support they need. In fact, all companies and their teams go through vulnerable and difficult phases, where it makes sense to have a mental health support program in place.
It's Complicated

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A diverse group of trained professionals

It is more and more common for teams to be a diverse mix of people from different nationalities and backgrounds. Luckily, the counsellors working through It’s Complicated speak a wide variety of languages and have a broad range of expertise. This means that there is a good chance of finding the best matching counsellor for your employees.

A diverse group of trained professionals A diverse group of trained professionals
A clear support program A clear support program

A clear support program

An employee assistance program (EAP) employs mental health professionals to provide confidential counselling to employees who are experiencing personal problems. Depending on the size of your team and your specific needs, we can create a plan to support your employees in the best possible way.

Confidential and compassionate support

Our team of qualified counsellors are trained to offer compassionate and confidential support. Your employees can get help with issues like burn-out, anxiety, lack of motivation, or other types of emotional distress. Online sessions are organized through our encrypted counselling platform, so your employees can rest assure of their privacy.

Confidential and compassionate support Confidential and compassionate support

Provide counselling for your employees

Vetted highly experienced therapists


employees were satisfied with their counselling process.

Easy scheduling

No waiting lines - your employees will get matched with a therapist within 48h.

Reported Improvements


of employees report improved overall quality of life.



of employees would recommend our counselling program to their work colleagues.


We provide you with an encrypted video solution and safe messaging (GDPR compliant).

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We are very happy with the experience, our colleagues certainly appreciate our partnership.

We aimed to create a full wellbeing package for our employees focusing on physical and mental health. In these times of uncertainties and lack of certain freedoms, to have a safe space to let out our worries is a major relief. We are looking forward to a brighter future and we hope to count on your continued support to keep our team happy and healthy

Virginia Cossimi

Office Manager & Executive Assistant @ UP42

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