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The best alternatives to BetterHelp in 2024

Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by It’s Complicated

When the industry of online therapy was scaled up to provide superfast matching, we lost a bit of humanity in the process. The key component of what drives successful therapy was also lost in the rise of BetterHelp and its alternatives: the therapeutic alliance

So what does it take to find the therapist with whom such an alliance is possible? It’s a journey that often involves more than a simple questionnaire or searching through filters. Resonating with the therapist’s background and connecting with a face and identity you imagine being able to trust are prerequisites to finding your perfect match

But how do you find a therapist who ticks all of those boxes – and who won’t treat you as a mere appointment amongst many others? That’s where It’s Complicated comes in. A therapy community that doesn’t work with one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather delves into the complexity of human experiences.

It’s Complicated is among the best alternatives to BetterHelp. Here’s why: 

It’s Complicated is changing the world of therapy one session at a time. Featuring over 2,000 mental health professionals from 80+ countries, counselling is available in almost 100 languages, both online and in person.

Free and Personalised Therapist Matching by Consultants

It’s Complicated utilises a bespoke matching system that goes beyond algorithms and chatbots. It’s also completely free to use.  

Dedicated therapy consultants take the time to understand your needs, preferences, background, and personality. This way, the match with your therapist is not just automated but genuinely researched, and comes as a welcome alternative to platforms that rely on artificial intelligence such as BetterHelp. Request a personalised match or browse the directory of qualified counsellors and therapists. 

To ensure professionalism, practitioners must send proof of their degree and training to the following specification, and each therapist accordingly has their experience and education level included in their profile. 

Genuine Connections in Therapeutic Conversations

How would you feel talking to someone who doesn’t get you, if you were going through a tough time? It could risk making you feel worse, right? It’s Complicated exists to nurture precisely this human connection. What started as a small community in Berlin has bloomed into the world’s most international therapy platform, bringing together 1,500+ therapists with different backgrounds. This way you can match with someone that “gets” you and where you’re coming from — so you can focus more on learning about yourself and less on educating others. It’s Complicated is available in major expatriate cities across the world such as London, Hamburg, Munich, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Vienna. Approved therapists on the platform speak over 100 languages, including German, Spanish, Portuguese.

It’s Complicated was born from the needs of two therapist friends grappling with the challenges of managing an international private practice. From these humble beginnings, a community sprouted that now thrives on clinical conversations and genuine connections.

This grassroots origin infuses the platform with authenticity that extends to every interaction you have with us. It’s Complicated makes your therapeutic journey feel genuine at every level without sacrificing convenience. 

Effortless Therapist Discovery

If you’ve used search engines to find a therapist who resonates with your preferences, you know it’s much like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s Complicated has made it a core mission to simplify the search process, making it a rewarding exploration tailored to your needs. The platform helps you search based on even the most niche wishes you have. To us, giving you a deeply personal experience is what matters most. Use this free matching survey to explore your options.

Rest assured you can find a therapist who’ll understand and respect your individuality: the platform is suited to those seeking a counsellor specialising in a specific approach, or someone sharing your cultural background. For instance, there are curated lists for therapy-seekers needing help with depression, ADHD, couples therapy or LGBTQI+ related struggles. If you are struggling with dysthymia or symptoms of depression, you may take this internationally standardised depression test.

Finding a therapist or counsellor who matches your preferences has never been easier.

Diversity in Therapy

While the roots of the platform are in Berlin, the branches of It’s Complicated extend globally, reaching therapists from Buenos Aires to Singapore. This diversity of the community is what gives you the richness of human experience, and It’s Complicated makes sure it’s also reflected in all the therapeutic approaches offered on the platform.

It’s Complicated embraces varied perspectives to guarantee a choice of therapist that aligns with your background, values, and beliefs. You won’t be among the one in ten people who feel their cultural needs weren’t considered by the therapeutic services they received. No one is left behind. The platform allows you to search for a counsellor who identifies as LGBTQIA+, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and more.

Made with Love by Therapists

It’s Complicated is a movement towards democratising therapy. The world witnessed the power and growth of online therapy during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therapy ceased to be confined to physical locations; it became a global resource, breaking down geographical barriers – and also breaking down stigma.

Did you know that merely 16.5% people around the world seek help for depression due to the stigma attached? Destigmatisation of therapy and accessibility to therapy can reduce this number.

It’s Complicated envisions a world where seeking support for your mental health is as normal as seeking help for your physical health, which is why signing up to the platform and exploring the resources and the recently started community is free. It’s Complicated has also made it easy for you to access the global standard of a depression test.

For your therapy to be effective, it’s important you work with a counsellor or psychotherapist you feel you can eventually trust. At your first meeting both you and the therapist will have an opportunity to honestly decide if you will benefit from working together. 

Choosing The Right Therapeutic Path

In the world of online therapy, the choice is ultimately yours. Don’t think of It’s Complicated as just one of the alternatives to BetterHelp; think of it as a distinctive path—one that values accessibility, community, and diversity. The free matching system, grassroots nature, preference-based search, and commitment to normalising therapy form the pillars of an experience that transcends the clinical and embraces the human.

Life is already complicated, so finding a therapist shouldn’t be. It should be a process of curiosity, connection, and care.

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Advantages of Discovering Your Therapist via It’s Complicated

  • No Setup Costs: Creating an account and reaching out to therapists is entirely cost-free.
  • Transparent Pricing: You’ll only pay the session fee, with no concealed booking fees.
  • Precise Search: Utilise our robust search tool to pinpoint therapists based on your specific preferences.
  • Thorough Listings: Easily explore therapists categorised by their specialty, approach, location, and language.

It’s Complicated is a therapy platform that not only helps clients find their perfect therapist but also supports therapists in their craft of helping others. Featuring over 2,000 mental health professionals from 80+ countries, counselling is available in almost 100 languages, both online and in person. A GDPR-compliant video solution, encrypted messaging, and easy invoicing guarantee a private and seamless counselling experience for therapists and clients alike. If you are in a serious crisis and need urgent help, please use one of these resources instead.

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