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It’s Complicated is the Expat Therapy Service Growing Fastest in European Metropolises

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by It’s Complicated

Expatriate life can be complicated. Let’s be honest here: adjusting to new surroundings, difficulties communicating in a new language, and a lack of community is tough. The journey simply doesn’t end once we’ve settled in, either. Here’s a comprehensive guide to expat therapy and mental health support for digital nomads for all those who find themselves far away from home. 

The Berlin-based therapist platform, It’s Complicated, will not let you go through these struggles alone. It’s easily the best way to find the right kind of therapy for expats with professionals speaking their language.

Founded in Berlin by therapists, the company has grown in the last year to a community of over 1500 practitioners speaking more than 90 languages. It’s Complicated is now quickly expanding across European expatriate cities and was recently ranked one of the top 50 fastest-growing startups out of Germany.

The platform has curated lists for therapy-seekers needing help with depression, ADHD, couples therapy or LGBTQI+ related struggles. It’s Complicated also sets itself apart from other therapy platforms in that we truly want to promote services that are normally oh-so difficult to find in a foreign city.

For example, our members also practise psychedelic integration therapy and counselling for polyamory and consensual non-monogamy. Our therapists also offer kink and BDSM friendly services. Therapists on It’s Complicated are available in over 80 countries including Lisbon, Vienna, Hamburg, and Munich. Also, our therapists speak almost languages, like German, Spanish, Portuguese, and more.

There are many kinds of established therapeutic approaches nowadays, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Until It’s Complicated came into life, those looking for the best therapy for expats or support with their mental health have been left to big American therapy tech brands such as BetterHelp, Headspace, Talkspace or Psychology Today. There’s no denying these companies filled a gap for therapy seekers, particularly during the pandemic.

However, today, as therapy goes back to in-person first, these platforms are becoming increasingly a part of the problem. Take Betterhelp, for example. Their frequent privacy issues have made headlines, and some users have even turned their negative experiences into TikTok tags and memes. Meanwhile, companies like Headspace sometimes forget that what they’re really selling is human connection, and a healthy therapist is vital to better therapy.

But It’s Complicated is different. We’re the world’s most diverse therapy platform, and most of our therapists are expatriates themselves who share some experiences with the people for whom they offer support. Besides that, most therapists on the platform offer in-person therapy as well as online assistance or digital nomad therapy to meet the needs of help seekers. It’s Complicated has a strategy of putting therapists first, offering better pay and more flexibility for the international community of freelancing therapists that make up their community.

Here are 5 of the reasons why expats in cities across are talking about It’s Complicated!

The Most Loved Therapy Service by Expatriates Across the Globe

It’s Complicated has made a name for itself as the go-to platform for foreigners living abroad. Our network of accredited professionals has your back if you struggle with the loneliness that comes with living far away from home. The community-driven strategy goes beyond geographic bounds to create a sense of belonging. It’s a virtual home where you may unravel your emotional baggage, knowing that the listener on the other end is aware of the challenges of navigating life in a strange country.

The resonance between our therapists and expatriates is profound. Many of the therapists on It’s Complicated are themselves expats, so you can come in expecting a shared experience base. This common understanding serves as our basis for deep interactions with you. With us, you are seen, heard, and fully understood.

It’s Complicated is changing the world of therapy one session at a time. Featuring over 1500 mental health professionals from 80+ countries, counselling is available in almost 100 languages, both online and in person.

The Tools You Need to Do Therapy as an Expat

Effective therapy requires the right tools, not just for therapists but also for those seeking support. It’s Complicated acknowledges this fundamental truth. Thus, we go above and beyond traditional platforms by providing users and therapists with the resources they need to have a fruitful therapeutic experience.

By offering a solid and intuitive interface, our platform streamlines the therapeutic process for therapists. This makes sure that there are no needless administrative hassles for them to deal with. Ultimately, they get to concentrate on what they do best – providing support.

On the flip side, we provide a range of tools intended to improve your healing process. From informative articles to interactive exercises, It’s Complicated strives to empower you on your mental health journey.  Request a personalised match or browse our directory of qualified counsellors and therapists. 

Diversity: Discover Yourself or Get Matched

Every journey is one-of-a-kind. So, the one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it when it comes to therapy. And this stands even truer for expats coming from different corners of the world.

This is what ensures that you find a therapist who speaks your language and comprehends the ins and outs of your cultural background. If you wonder whether or not to choose a therapist in your native language, we have written a summary of research here.

We know that living abroad has many facets, so the therapeutic process should reflect it, too. Our goal isn’t just to get you matched with a therapist; it’s about finding a guide who understands the ins and outs of your personal odyssey.

For your therapy to be effective, it’s important you work with a counsellor or psychotherapist you feel you can eventually trust. At your first meeting both you and the therapist will have an opportunity to honestly decide if you will benefit from working together. 

Combining In-Person and Online Therapy

It’s Complicated doesn’t believe in restricting your approach to therapy. Recognising the evolving landscape of mental health support, we offer both in-person and online therapy options. After all, what truly matters is your comfort with the therapist.

But what are the pros and cons of each? Well, in-person therapy holds a timeless appeal. It provides a tangible and immediate connection. The significance of this face-to-face interaction, especially for expats craving a sense of closeness in their new environment, is high. Simultaneously, the platform acknowledges the practicality and convenience of online therapy, especially for those navigating busy schedules or residing in remote locations. Hence, we offer digital nomad therapy to those seeking it. 

Therapists on It’s Complicated are available in over 80 countries including Lisbon, Vienna, Hamburg, and Munich. Also, our therapists speak almost languages, like German, Spanish, Portuguese, and more.

This dual modality guarantees you the freedom to choose what aligns with your preferences and circumstances. When we speak about diversity, we make sure it reflects in our options for you, too! We believe mental health support remaining accessible and relevant in an ever-changing world is the key to providing the best therapy for expats.

Whether you‘re a therapy-seeker or simply psychologically curious, Therapy Talk offers valuable insights and a fresh perspective on the impact of therapy. Listen now.

It’s Complicated Ranks Among the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Germany

Numbers often speak louder than words, and It’s Complicated is making a resounding statement in the startup landscape. Recognised as one of the top 50 fastest-growing startups in Germany, the platform’s ascent is proof of its impact on the expatriate community. While the listing shows the platform’s rapid expansion, it also highlights something more – the increasing recognition of the vital role we play in addressing the mental health needs of expatriates.

We don’t look at the growth of It’s Complicated as our business’s success. To us, it signifies a growing acknowledgement of the importance of mental health support in the expatriate narrative, especially when it comes to digital nomad therapy. So, as the platform continues to flourish, it reshapes the way you access and perceive mental health care.

It’s Complicated is a small team of developers, community leads, and therapy consultants. Most of us are trained psychologists and all of us have been or are currently expats – so when we say we get it, we really mean it.

Run by Expat Therapists for a Personal Touch

With so many therapy platforms emerging, how do you know if your chosen one is functioning as a mere business or truly has your best interest at heart? Well, it all comes down to the platform’s ethos. Here’s ours: It’s Complicated is run by therapists. That’s how you know we’re not just a business venture but a compassionate endeavour grounded in the principles of empathy and understanding. Because our leadership has personal experience working in therapy, they have developed a sophisticated strategy that puts the needs of both therapists and users first, providing the best therapy for expats.

When we place therapists at the forefront, we disrupt the traditional model of therapy platforms. This commitment to providing better pay and increased flexibility for the international community of freelancing therapists is a strategic move that reverberates positively throughout the platform. It brings forth a sense of community among therapists, which shows in the quality of support they, in turn, provide to expats.

It’s Complicated – Providing Best Therapy for Expats

So, there you have it – the inside scoop on It’s Complicated. As you navigate the twists and turns of expatriate life, remember – at It’s Complicated, we’re your companions, your advocates, and your partners in this beautiful, complex journey called life. Welcome to a community that understands, supports, and thrives on the diversity of your expatriate story. We’re here for every step you take, no matter how complicated. 

Advantages of Discovering Your Therapist via It’s Complicated

  • No Setup Costs: Creating an account and reaching out to therapists is entirely cost-free.
  • Transparent Pricing: You’ll only pay the session fee, with no concealed booking fees.
  • Precise Search: Utilise our robust search tool to pinpoint therapists based on your specific preferences.
  • Thorough Listings: Easily explore therapists categorised by their specialty, approach, location, and language.

It’s Complicated is a therapy platform that not only helps clients find their perfect therapist but also supports therapists in their craft of helping others. Featuring over 1500 mental health professionals from 80+ countries, counselling is available in almost 100 languages, both online and in person. A GDPR-compliant video solution, encrypted messaging, and easy invoicing guarantee a private and seamless counselling experience for therapists and clients alike. If you are in a serious crisis and need urgent help, please use one of these resources instead.

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