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Finding a therapist who speaks Dutch can be complicated. That's why we've collected all the Dutch-speaking therapists doing both online and in-person sessions here.

Did you know that studies have been made which show that doing therapy in your mother tongue is more effective than doing nonnative therapy?

When therapy happens in your native language, it can be easier to express your full story complete with emotions and culturally bound details. So rather than searching for a therapist with a specific approach, like CBT, psychoanalysis, or Gestalt therapy, you can simply begin your search by looking for a counsellor who speaks your native language.

It's Complicated It's Complicated
Johanne Blumenberg

Psychological Psychotherapist in Berlin

In my work I combine the basic cognitive behavioral techn....

Cas Hebbink

Psychological Counsellor in Berlin

As a counsellor, I attempt to create a growth-facilitatin....

Merve Adli Isleyen

Clinical Psychologist, Individual,Couple and Family Therapist in Eindhoven

Turkish, English-speaking psychotherapist. I work with in....

Lara Briozzo

Integrative Therapist in Nieuwegein

Short-term therapy that is tailor-made for your needs and....

Silke Claßen

Systemic (Family-) Therapist (SG) in Berlin

I work with individuals, couples and families and receive....

Élodie Ley

Certified Personal Development Coach - Body, Mind & Soul in Hilversum

Do you dream of a fresh start? Need to move on? As your c....

Francesca Eleuteri

Clinical Psychologist in Amsterdam

My approach is tailored to the individual and highly up t....

Roy Kamienchik

Integrative psychotherapy in Leiden