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What to think of when looking for a therapist

When people experience difficult situations, painful events, relationship problems or mental health issues – such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, trauma or depression – they will often go looking for a therapist, psychologist or counsellor. However, this search can be challenging, and it brings up considerations about how to find the right therapist.

Living abroad only makes matters more complicated. If you are an expat having to navigate a mental health system in a language you don’t speak, it’s hard to know where to even begin. While being in a new city can be exciting, it most certainly also can be difficult and mentally taxing. But just because life in a new city is complicated, finding a therapist shouldn’t be. That’s why It’s Complicated provides a web directory aimed to make your search for the right therapist in your city easier.

The filters enable you to search by language, therapist location, specialization, availability, insurance and gender. This way you’ll have an easier time finding a therapist who fits your needs.

How do I know which therapy is right for me?

Counsellors and therapists are able to help you with a broad range of topics. You are able to find counsellors trained in CBT, ACT, mindfulness, or psychoanalysis, specialized in treating different issues. If you’re looking for couple's counselling, many therapists also work with couples and marriage issues, and there are also those who work with children and families.

You can read more here about what to consider when looking for a therapist.

Online counselling. Meet with a counsellor from your home

Special circumstances mean that sometimes you aren’t able to do your therapy in person. Then it can be relevant to look into online counselling. Most of our therapists offer online sessions through a secure video platform. Online therapy, also known as distance therapy, tele therapy, e-therapy or web therapy, is any mental health counselling which is delivered via the Internet.

Online counselling has benefits when you compare it to traditional face-to-face treatment, including being able to do it from the comfort of your own home. This is convenient, especially if you live remotely, aren’t mobile, or if you are in quarantine. Doing online therapy also has the advantage of a more extensive selection of therapists. Unsure about meeting a counsellor online? Read this article.

A secure place for your and your therapist

When starting therapy you want to feel safe and secure. This is essential for good therapy, and that’s why security and encryption is of utmost importance to It’s Complicated. The platform is built from the highest GDPR standards, meaning secure, encrypted video conferencing software, end-to-end encrypted messaging and payments. You can read more about these features here. We make sure that you have technology that works and that you can trust, so that good and successful therapy can ensue.

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