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Counselling is a form of talk therapy. In the counselling process, psychological problems are addressed within a counselling relationship between a professionally trained counsellor and a client in distress.

The counsellor uses specific counselling methods to improve the client's psychological state, inner experience, self-image, behaviour, and to help them to develop positively as a person and to improve their quality of life. Through the counselling process, the individual can acquire skills that will help them to cope with various life situations and problems in the future.

At the beginning of the counselling process, the professional and the client clearly define the client's problem and together set the goals they want to achieve through counselling. The client's role in the counselling process is to reveal their thoughts and feelings related to the problem through the conversation, and in this way to actively engage with them and their problems. The counsellor supports the client in thinking about themself and exploring the problem in various ways. In this way, the client can release emotional distress and also gain new insights into their functioning and the problem they want to solve.

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