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Dream analysis

Dream analysis is the interpretation of dreams to explore their underlying meanings. Jungian dream analysis relies on the notion that dreams reveal more than they conceal and that they are a natural expression of our imagination.

It's Complicated It's Complicated
Amanda Teixeira Abade

Jungian Therapist, Art Therapist and Psychologist in São Paulo

A space of acceptance, exchange and no judgments, in which we will see you wi....

Slobodan Nikolić

Accredited Psychotherapist in Belgrade

Psychodynamic psychotherapy helps you make desired changes in your life. Psy....

Christiana Troussa

Integrative Holistic Psychology Counsellor MAClin.Psych. in Lenexa

Professional Psychology Counsellor registered with the Holistic Centre of Rom....

Marzia Santori Reay

Jungian Analyst in Rome

As a multilingual multicultural psychoanalyst in Rome and London my work is ....

Roisin Tangney

Jungian psychoanalyst-in-training, Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy in Berlin

Deep work in a safe space - I offer depth psychological counselling and psych....