Leon Brenner

Dr. (PhD), Psychoanalytic Counsellor in Berlin

With the right direction, psychological distress can be understood and turned....

Fernanda Rios

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Berlin

The clinical work is very rewarding. I am used to seeing all sorts of subject....

Regina Riveros

Psychodynamic Counsellor in Berlin

As an English and Spanish speaking counsellor, I focus on accompanying each p....

Julieta Fiorentino

Clinical psychologist in Berlin

Online and in-person therapy in Spanish and English. As a therapist, my goal....

Zeynep Kalac Katipoglu

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Istanbul

Psychanalytic therapist helping people gain self awareness and change their....

André Luís Escouto

Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc) and Psychoanalist in Brasília

A portuguese sepaking psychoanalist ready to listen..