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Meditation is a practice to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

It's Complicated It's Complicated
Komal Parihar

Psychological Counsellor, CBT Therapist in Navi Mumbai

A trusted and patient-centric medical professional ,offers 3+ years of experi....


Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc.) in Berlin

As a clinical psychologist and yoga instructor/ coach and -therapist who live....

Nur Kirkgöze

Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc.) in Berlin

One of my basic beliefs is that the client carries the solution to his proble....

Silvia Mencaraglia

Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

I'm an Italian psychologist with extensive intercultural experience, happy to....

Ayse Nur Namal

Accredited Psychologist in Bremen

As a Turkish and English speaking therapist, my intention is to help individu....

Nora Mohamad

Life Coach (Zen Coaching) & Psychologist in Training in Utrecht

Through a mindfulness-based approach, I support you in gaining greater insigh....

Wiebke Pausch

Art Therapist and Creative Coach in Berlin

My work is based on Creativity, Embodiment and Mindfulness, offering you a c....