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Panic attacks

Panic attacks are sudden episodes of intense fear that may include sweating, palpitations, shaking, shortness of breath, numbness, or worry that something bad will happen. There are many ways to treat panic attacks therapeutically.

It's Complicated It's Complicated
Lucila Pla

Clinical Psychologist, Therapist and Certified Coach in Buenos Aires

Primera cita gratuita para conocernos what's up: (+54)9-11-5607-4377 Trabajo ....

Andreas Klaus

Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy in Berlin

Therapeut für imaginative Psychotherapie mit Musik.

Julieta Fiorentino

Clinical psychologist in Berlin

Online and in-person therapy in Spanish and English. As a therapist, my goal....

Anna Sircova

Clinical Psychologist (PhD), Existential Analysis and Logotherapy in Copenhagen in Copenhagen

My work concentrates on saying "yes" to life, on finding your personal time, ....

Dr. Janina Botsford

Dr. phil. Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist in Berlin

I’m a Clinical Psychologist with an American and Croatian background. I offer....

Petros Stathakos

Psychologist, Psychotherapist (HPG), Couples therapist in Berlin

One of my basic beliefs is that the client carries the solution to his proble....

Nur Kirkgöze

Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc.) in Berlin

One of my basic beliefs is that the client carries the solution to his proble....

Maximiliano Jozami

Lic. en Psicología in Berlin

Focused on diversity and the expat community, I'm a psychodynamic counselor, ....

Milica Stanisavljevic

Psychologist and Systemic Therapist in Novi Sad

If you would like to work on your self-esteem, relationship problems or you'r....

Silke Claßen

Systemic (Family-) Therapist (SG) in Berlin

I work with individuals, couples and families and receive my clients with com....

Gamze Tekin Larsson

CBT Therapist, Clinical Psychologist in Istanbul

My main areas of focus are anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsiv....

Emina Osmanovic Basic

CBT Therapist, Psychological Counsellor and Coach in Cologne

I am a psychologist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, now living in Cologne. I pro....

Natali Dizdar

Accredited Gestalt and Integrative Psychotherapist in London

Everything we need to heal is inside ourselves. My approach is intuitive, pra....

Diego Tzoymaher

Psychologist. Online therapy in Spanish in Buenos Aires

I will accompany you, putting my experience and empathy at your disposal, to ....

Adam Luczak

Psychological Counsellor & Psychoanalyst in Berlin

My work aims to help you find new meanings in difficult emotional states, tho....

Myrto Charalampous

Body Psychotherapist in Athens

I am a certified body psychotherapist based in Copenhagen. I provide a safe ....

P Piero Dell'Anno

Accredited Psychotherapist in London

Thank you for visiting my page. I am a clinical psychotherapist and I specia....

Beyazit Garip

Psychiatrist in New Haven

Hi everyone, I know you are confused about how to tackle your psychological p....