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Therapy supervision

Therapy supervision is a formal arrangement for therapists to discuss their work with a clinical professional who is experienced in both therapy and offering supervision. The idea is to explore eventual struggles and challenges in one’s therapy work so that the efficacy of the therapeutic alliance can be maintained and developed. Supervision ensures that the therapist is coping well, and allows time for reflective practice to occur.

Supervision is often necessary not just to meet the ethical standards of many licenses and professional bodies, but also to simply feel good in one’s work. However, it can be hard and frustrating to find a clinical supervisor who matches your needs. That’s why we’ve gathered all of the counsellors who offer supervision within their professional fields. Whether you are looking for a depth psychological counsellor offering supervision or a supervisor with a behavioural focus, you can find the right online supervisor through It’s Complicated.

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Dr. Dirk Stemper

Dr. med. in Berlin

As a specialised doctor in internal medicine and psychotherapy, I am dedicate....

Lina Milner

Relationship and Sex Therapist in London

I offer specialist help and clinical support with sexual problems and relati....

Panos Chronis

Existential Psychotherapist / Couples therapist in Athens

My main focus is educating people on relational intelligence, understanding w....

Andrés Ocazionez

Psychoanalyst in Berlin

Through It’s Complicated I offer a responsible and qualified commitment to ps....

Michael Conti

Coach, Psychological Counsellor, EMDR Therapist & Supervisor in Berlin

Online Integrative Coaching, Psychological Counselling, EMDR Therapy & Superv....